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Bloody longline training

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Notonaschoolnight Thu 11-Apr-13 16:26:02

Day 2 same as day 1 she just wants to bite and tug the long line near me so I spend all my time making sure she doesn't stay tangled so frustrating.

Tried throwing a toy a short distance away and it didn't really work I had to take her to the toy click and treat her like she discovered it. There certainly was never an opportunity to call her back which was meant to be the point!

Hindsight being a wonderful thing I think our problem maybe (I might be talking rubbish) the only thing she likes to play with with us is tuggy with the kids skipping rope and that seems to be precisely what she wants to happen with the longline.

But then again she is quite fond of trying to bite her training lead too, so god knows but im thinking about making the skipping ropes disappear so she has to play with her dog toys or is that mean or am I wrong arghh!!

Floralnomad Thu 11-Apr-13 17:28:45

I don't want to depress you as I'm sure it won't be the same with your pup but my dog never came back to me when I had him on a longline ,he would stand and be reeled in or wait for me to walk to him but he never came back . Eventually I cut down a longline to about 8 m and let him go with it trailing so that I had some way of getting him back if he didnt come . Even now his recall is non existent ,I'm not sure he knows his name ! However I shout down and he drops on the spot and waits for me to go to him and TBH he's never further away than I can throw a ball with a ball wanger so it works for us .

SpicyPear Thu 11-Apr-13 18:20:09

How is her drop command? If you let her tuggy the skipping ropes normally, you could take it with you. When she grabs the line tell her to drop it and reward with a tug with the skipping rope. Doing this with a tennis ball on a rope stopped pup from trying to eat the long lead.

Notonaschoolnight Thu 11-Apr-13 21:22:07

Thanks to you both I've cut off a lot of the lead and try taking the skip rope tomorrow

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