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If you have 2 dogs please tell me ...

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oldwomanwholivedinashoe Thu 11-Apr-13 06:53:29

Is it much harder work than 1?!
I'm totally in love with my year old cocker spaniel and would love to get another but lots of people in rl have said I'm a bit mad!
My cocker comes to work with me each day and it wouldn't be possible to take 2 for practical reasons so they would be left home with my dh popping in at lunch each day. He is a really calm happy dog and loves other dogs. The people I've spoken to in rl have said things like 'you're so lucky having a dog like that- he's so calm- they are not all like that- your next one wouldn't be the same.' He is my first dog so I'm not sure if this is true or not?
The best bit if having a dog is the walking for me. He gets 3 miles off lead each day in the afternoon and a couple if miles off lead in a morning.
Please tell me what you think! Stick at one? Or go for another?

Troubleintmill Thu 11-Apr-13 07:17:42

I'll give you my experience but obviously that is just based on one case and other people may have had a better time than us!
We had one cocker spaniel (male) and loved him, he was great with people, children and our 3 cats.
Then he started to get ill and had to have a serious op. He lost his enthusiasm and didn't want to go for walks etc, DH thought when he was better it might be a good idea to get a puppy to help get him back to his fun loving self. Seems he made a mistake!
We got a bitch, thinking this was best. In hindsight we should have researched the colours better too as apparently we went for the one with the worst temperament.
She is a good dog and in a home with one owner and no other animals would be great but its hard work having her in our home.
She isn't nice to our original dog a lot of the time and is very highly strung which has an effect on the other dog. He used to be placid and quiet but now is bothered by the slightest noise. It's a bit of a hassle when we're trying to settle DS and the doorbell goes!!
We have found that having 2 dogs isn't what we thought and if you have a situation I would stick with that.
Of course it might work out much better and you have 2 dogs you enjoy and they enjoy each other.
HTH and good luck.

MothershipG Thu 11-Apr-13 07:18:09

I have 3, despite the fact that my first is pretty high maintenance! So do listen to others who say no.2 might not be such a walk in the park wink

But I would say the important things to bear in mind are the increase in cost and inconvenience. Would your dog be as happy as he is if you now have to leave him at home? Will he be as calm as he is if he has a live in playmate?

At the least I would leave it 6 months or a year and then reassess.

oldwomanwholivedinashoe Thu 11-Apr-13 07:22:27

Thank you trouble and mother. This really helps. I agree that waiting might be better. I am worried that another dog wouldn't have the same calm nature- for instance my dog hardly ever barks. And I think maybe I have been a bit lucky with him.

MothershipG Thu 11-Apr-13 07:48:41

I think so! smile

beachyhead Thu 11-Apr-13 07:51:48

I have a 'lucky' cocker too. Lots of people who told me that they would have a dog if it was just like her... We got another dog when we moved to a house with a bigger garden, when she was about two.

We got a boy dog, cross breed and bigger than her. He's quite brainless and a softie. I would say two things: it's harder to train a second dog, as he's totally besotted with her, so less likely to listen to me (just my experience!), and she is definitely the dog in charge, to the point of telling him off quite a lot... We had been told this would probably happen, as she is a bitch, but it has probably turned her into a more dominant dog than she was previously, IYKWIM.

Other factors are that it's harder to take two dogs into the pub, to stay with friends etc...

But it's lovely to see them playing together and hanging out together!!!

Branleuse Thu 11-Apr-13 07:53:05

enjoy your lovely doggy as he is. he' sounds very happy and content and shouldn't rock the boat x

Magicmayhem Thu 11-Apr-13 08:02:52

My partner moved in with his 16 year old dog, I have a 8 year old sprollie bitch. My dog hated his dog to start and had to be muzzled arround him, they can be left now and she tollerates him but my dog is deffinately the dominant one. I have found that they do pick up each others bad habbits, ie, my dog now barks at the postman and anyone coming to the door... The house also smells a lot more now and you never know which one it is that has been sick or poohed on the carpet. wink But we love them both equally...
I'd say wait until yours is older if your enjoying this one so much but feel free to ignore me as its just my opinion

mrslaughan Thu 11-Apr-13 15:51:07

We only have 1.... But out breeder told us around 18months is the best time to introduce 2nd dog - I think this is to do with having firsts training well established, but young enough to be flexible.
So maybe wait 6months and see how you feel...

daisydoodoo Thu 11-Apr-13 15:57:54

Ive got two. Did have three but it was too much with 4 children as well so the sprocker spaniel was rehomed with my brother.
One was easy. Im not sure if its a combination if two dogs or if we didn't chose well with the second dog. Hes a labrador pointer cross and while hes the softest dopiest dog there is at home hes not keen on other dogs when we're out.

According to the vet and behaviourist it could be that he's still nervous if other dogs since he was attacked by another dog or it could be that hes top dog and protecting his people and dog. So walking has gone from being a pleasant experience to stressful as hes currently muzzled while we work on socialisation with other dogs.

pugoff Thu 11-Apr-13 22:01:30

We had 1 lovely boy and at 9 months when he was calmer and trained and felt we had got it all nailed, we introduced 2nd puppy boy.
Thought being males and same breed we knew what we'd be in for...ha! The 2nd couldn't be more different to 1st. They are wonderful in their own ways (1st is calm, sleepy, brilliant at toilet training, 2nd is cuddly, fab recall, v clever) and a total nightmare in diff ways (1st is a barker, runs off, 2nd is dominant to 1st boy and does bully him a bit, not so good with toiletting, screaming needy diva). If we'd have got 2nd one first then we would have kept him as only dog as he's harder work.

Its also harder having 2 in general as you can't always take both where one would go such as pub, b&b, relatives looking after them.

But, they looove each other. And cuddle up at night together and keep each other company. I wouldn't not have both and I love them both, but one was so much easier (mostly as 2nd is so high energy, different and high maintenance), but I was naive thinking I knew what I was in for and had it all sorted. [Confused]

oldwomanwholivedinashoe Thu 11-Apr-13 22:27:58

Thank you for all your responses. I think it's best I enjoy my lovely dog and don't get too 'greedy' with getting another one.

NorksAreMessy Thu 11-Apr-13 22:39:52

Well, we adored our PFD so much that we got another. They love each others company and race around together.
Then we had an accident and were blessed with a third pooch, who hated pooch2 for about six weeks
Then we rescued pooch4

We work from home and live on a farm, so they are all happy pottering about, but still get three or four super long off lead walks a week.
The main problems are holidays- my brilliant friend has them all (She is a serious dog-whisperer ) and vet bills and insurance.
They make a pretty cute pack, they are all terriers of various kinds, and enjoy each others company. They still look to us for affection if we are in the room, but are very contented together if we are not.

Dogs do like dogs, and whilst they tolerate and even enjoy human company, they really love dog company too.

I am quite sad that your first dog will have to stop going to work with you. Our adore it if they are ever allowed into the office, and we are only one flight of stairs away. sad

Blending Thu 11-Apr-13 22:53:35

Our first dog is a rescue pooch. A cross, mostly whippet.Absolutley a dream dog to train, lazy in the house, never barks, she just wants cuddles, great around other dogs, really fun to walk made it enjoyable to meet other people out on a walk etc.

Completely fell in love and wanted her to have a companion.

We got a second dog, again a whippet cross rescue who is completely the opposite!

Whilst a brilliant family dog, and very loveable, she is a nightmare to walk, despite 3 lots of training including 1-1 with a behavourist , she will turn into whirl wind of teeth and snarling when other dogs cross our path. This means the joy of 2 long walks each day is minimised and it became a bit of a chore as we now have to keep her on the lead, unless in a large field where we can see there is nobody approaching, even then I'm on edge looking out to call her back in case someone appears on the horrizon.

Dh still laments 9 years on that he wishes we stuck to one. In fact he projecting that fear on to our unborn twins and says what if he doesnt love them as much as our DD after all thats what happened with our mutts!

Oh and yes its harder as people dont mind one doggy vistor, but 2 is considered a bit much, and they dont want to look after a demanding dog so you end up forking out for 2 lots of kennel fees if you want to go away.

charlearose Thu 11-Apr-13 23:28:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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