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So my cat and dog have gotten a little strange since the time change

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HelgatheHairy Thu 04-Apr-13 13:20:06

Anyone else? Nothing else has changed, food, exercise etc.

Dog (11 month golden retriever) seems much calmer/sleepier in the evenings. He used to settle down around 8ish but yesterday it was 6.30pm when he was panned out asleep on the floor! And it was 10am when he woke (not complaining bout that as I sleep until he wakes me so 10am was lovely). Today I was looking around for him and realised he'd taken himself off to the living room for a nap on the couch!

Cat has stopped the in out in out in out cycle. He's also reclaimed his place in our bed (when dog arrived initially, cat retreated to spare room). Now cat comes in around 5ish, hangs around the kitchen while I'm cooking then takes himself off to the bed.

Last night both cat and dog actually settled on the bed to sleep (for about 30 mins, then dog decided he wanted off the bed and stood on the cat on the way, cue mayhem!)

Anyone else? Are my animals just weird??

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