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How to know if my dog would accept a cat?

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lovemydog78 Thu 04-Apr-13 08:51:12

Hi, just wondered if others here had experience of getting a cat when unsure of how their dog would be? Have posted in the Litter tray but have been re-directed over here as no one had any advicesmile
I grew up with cats and really miss having one(or a couple!!)around the house but I am unsure as to how my dog would be? I don't know anyone with a cat so can't really take him round someones house to test this,and not sure how reliable that would be anyway?
He doesn't appear to have a high prey drive but is an absolute nightmare for chasing things. We have guinnea pigs who he pays absolutely no attention to in the house,but when they are in the garden he goes bonkers trying to chase them? Same with cats. If one is in the garden,he goes crazy, yet we can walk past one in the street and so long as it stands its ground and stays where it is then my dog will start shaking and will attempt to walk round it,avoiding it at all costsgrin
Does it sound like a disaster in the making? Hoping that some of you wise people may have known dogs like this who settled well with cats once used to each othersmile
Another concern,although this may be unfounded is that my dog is fear aggressive towards other dogs. We are working on this, but if my dog doesnt like the cat,could this fear aggression become directed towards the cat? Friends have advised that this is 2 totally different behavioural issues, but don't want him transferring it to the poor cat??
Thanks for reading!!

Floralnomad Thu 04-Apr-13 16:07:37

My mum got an indoor cat ( Ragdoll) when she already had two dogs and they were all fine together , I actually think that its the better way round (ie dog first ,cat second) . If your dog is ok with GPs indoors I think that shows hope as my terrier won't tolerate anything furry in the house ,even fluffy toys get killed .

Stoney666 Thu 04-Apr-13 20:44:33

Have a 14 month retriever it's taken a month but they are fab together. Dog knows his place and kitten just smirks lol

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