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Puppy adopted carry cage for a nap, should I put this with her basket tonight?

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insicknessandinhealth Wed 03-Apr-13 21:52:26

Late this afternoon puppy took herself off for a nap inside the carry cage we brought her home in and again this evening. Possibly a nice cosy safe place. Should I put this in the kitchen with her basket tonight as well or will this be confusing for her? It's like a crate I suppose but small. Still only just settling in so I don't want to ruin the slight progress we have made.

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Apr-13 22:16:54

I have no expert oinion (but if she likes it, I can't see why not).

I am here to protest that this did not come with piccie of puppy. Preferably curled up in her safe place looking frowsey.

<folds arms and taps foot in anticipation of adorable puppy photo>

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