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Where to get a puppy from?

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HotPanda Wed 03-Apr-13 15:49:24

We know the breed we want, but how do you find out where to get a puppy from a "reputable" source?

I think last time we just found an ad on the internet so we got from a "backyard breeder" I suppose.

lurcherlover Wed 03-Apr-13 15:52:04

What breed do you want? Most breeds have an official breed society - they often have a list of approved breeders. The Kennel Club have "approved" breeders but that doesn't really mean much tbh. Find out exactly what health tests are required for your breed and don't go near a breeder who doesn't do ALL of them and can show you certificates. And obviously run a mile from anyone who won't show you a pup with its mother, who doesn't provide lifetime support as standard, and who doesn't ask you some searching questions about your suitability as a dog owner. Good breeders will often have a waiting list too so be prepared for that.

HotPanda Wed 03-Apr-13 15:55:53

We were after a Weimaraner. We have a Dally already and think this will be a good match energy wise.

I'd looked at the approved breeders, but they didn't seem to be offering anything different to any other adverts we have seen.
I am not fussed about parents winning Crufts or anything like that, we just want a pet.

Lucyellensmum95 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:03:20

Could you approach Weirmeraner rescue? They could then point you in the direction of a reputable breeder. Maybe ask at your local vet - i know where you are coming from. You want a healthy dog with a good temp, all the health checks etc but you don't want a show dog. I would think that if the dog comes with registration papers, first vaccine done and free introductory insurance then you are in good shape.

Does it have to be a pup? What about a rescue? Does it absolutely have to be a Weimeraner?

HotPanda Wed 03-Apr-13 16:30:43

We've approached rescues before, but not been approved as we are out of the house for 5 hours a day. (I know this isn't any good for a pup, but my husband is self employed and will manage his diary to cover when I am at work for a while.)

I think we are pretty set on a Weimeraner, considering the size/energy levels etc. Not counting out other breeds unnecessarily but I think we have spoken about most of them and ruled out for one reason or another. Would be open to suggestions though.

I would think that if the dog comes with registration papers, first vaccine done and free introductory insurance then you are in good shape
This is pretty much what all of the adverts I have seem are saying, but are these not backyard breeders?

lurcherlover Wed 03-Apr-13 16:59:43

Health checks are the most important thing. A quick google has just suggested hip scoring is important for weimeraners. this page has a few snippets of useful info.

needastrongone Wed 03-Apr-13 17:07:34

We got our Springer puppy from what I would deem to be a reputable/responsible breeder. She was on, which will only allow adverts from KC registered breeders, and requires them to provide proof I think.

I was interviewed and went on a waiting list after approval. Breeder has the bitch and the bitches mother and only breeds to gain another puppy, so her bitch is already spayed. I saw the father too. All the relevant health checks for the breed had been completed and the paperwork was available. She bred for temperament and conformity to breed, plus with an eye to a smaller springer, as this is her personal preference.

We were kept fully informed of the progress of the litter from birth with emails and videos and pictures, plus we could visit regularly too. The pups were raised in a very busy family environment.

Our breeder microchipped the dogs and offered the first vaccination too, which we declined as we had him from 8 weeks and I think there are various vaccinations out there. Full pedigree certificates etc.

We also have lifetime advice, homeboarding if we require it and she's visiting us next week to see how we are getting on as she's also preparing a montage of the siblings for all the owners!! We regularly get emails from 'mum' demanding updates!

Good luck, have you thought about a Vizsla btw, our friends have one and she's a stunner, with a fabulous temperament, same energy requirements as the Weimeraner but a bit easier as a breed? Watching her hunt is a joy and her energy is wonderful.

HotPanda Wed 03-Apr-13 17:12:23

Oh I forgot Champdogs! I used to go there regularly when my dally was a pup for advice.

I love Vizlas but they seem to be rare, I have struggled to find a smooth coat one. I'm not keen on the wire haired ones.

needastrongone Wed 03-Apr-13 17:32:47

Oh I don't think so now, they are starting to become more popular. We seriously considered one for ages and I would love one for a second dog tbh, if you search Vizsla puppies on Champdogs, loads will come up, Google it and even more will!

I forgot that a couple in the village have a Dalmation and a Vizsla combination and it works really well.

wildfig Wed 03-Apr-13 18:06:47

Try the breed club - the secretary should have a list of members who have litters planned, or there might even be a designated puppy secretary.

[just had a look at the rescue weims on the site - they are such handsome dogs]

Lorialet Wed 03-Apr-13 18:10:15

I have a Vizsla. We found our breeder via the Kennel Club ~ I registered on there and was notified when a litter became available.

midori1999 Wed 03-Apr-13 18:26:19

Champdogs used to be a fairly reliable way to find a reputable breeder, but sadly more and more irresponsible breeders are creeping in. All KC registration means is that the dog is KC registered and that should mean it's parentage can be verifiable, but KC registration is not a sign of quality. In fact, around 90% of KC registrations are from 'volume breeders' or puppy farmers to you and I.

It doesn't matter if you want a show dog or a pet dog, if you don't use a breeder that shows (or works) their dogs then you won't be using a reputable breeder, because if they aren't showing their dogs and therefore breeding to try and improve the breed, why are they breeding? Also, most people want a dog that looks like their chosen breed and you are most likely to get this with a breeder who breeds conscientiously. Of course, not all puppies from breeders who show are show quality, but they will be KC registered, they will be bred with the desired temperament and type of the breed in mind, they will be bred from health tested and healthy parents with good temperaments and reared with some level of experience. The breeder will also be experienced enough to offer you good 'after sales' advice and lifelong support, if you need it.

However, not every breeder who shows is reputable, but the breed club for your chosen breed will be able to point you in the right direction.

However, that said, as a breeder (not of Weims) I wouldn't home a puppy to someone who was out of the house for five hours a day. In fact, my preference is for someone to be available all day for the pup. Other breeders are more flexible on this, but please be aware that good breeders, like good rescues, are only interested in the welfare of their animals. It might mean you need to do some searching to find a good breeder who will accept you on their waiting list.

Bunnylion Wed 03-Apr-13 19:52:24

I would only buy from KC breeder. There are different tiers of breeders under KC regulations - with nothing to do with crufts or any other show criteria.

KC is there to regulate breeders in a number of ways that ensure ethical breeding, healthy and happy mums and puppies. Eg you can only be a member if you're breeding from a bitch who has got to an appropriate age, she can only have so many litters in her lifetime etc.

I completely disagree that many KC breeders are puppy farms. Do some research into the requirements of the KC and then when you find a breeder do your research into them.

KC are the ONLY official regulated body overseeing dog breeding in the UK and it really is irresponsible of a buyer to buy from a non KC breeder, unless you get a rescue of course.

Good luck with finding your puppy.

Lorialet Wed 03-Apr-13 20:08:58

I must admit, I was a bit shocked to read that 90% of KC registrations are from puppy farmers. On another dog forum, someone stated that 90% are from low volume breeders. As far as I can tell, the KC is working hard to stamp out the unscrupulous ones.

midori1999 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:41:17

I agree that no one should buy a pedigree dog that isn't KC registered, however, I stand by my comment that KC registration is not a sign of quality at all. the KC is the only 'proper' registration body for pedigree dogs in the UK, but it is very far from perfect.

There is some information on the KC and puppy farmers here:

Slavetothechild Wed 03-Apr-13 21:59:27

Try the gunalt kennel Patsy and Stephen Hollings. Best weineraners around , fantastic dogs fully health check and proven track record. They are in the Leeds area beautiful dogs

Slavetothechild Wed 03-Apr-13 22:04:41

Oh and there are a few litter of vizslas around ,please make sure which ever bred you go for make sure all the health tests have been done ie hips eye ect . You can check on the kennel club site for which test should have been done for any breed . I know the gunalt kennel from the show world no other connection smile

Bunnylion Wed 03-Apr-13 22:24:45

I would seriously question why a pedigree breeder chooses not to be KC registered - it should ring huge alarm bells I any prospective puppy buyer. Please research thoroughly before you buy.

Empress77 Wed 03-Apr-13 22:33:29

Please try another rescue place - being out of the house for 5 hours shouldnt mean you cant get a rescue - mine were given to me as long as it was no more than 6 hours and that was the RSPCA - so so many dogs desperately need a home surely its worth trying again rather than risk paying for puppy farming.

midori1999 Wed 03-Apr-13 22:42:29

Bunnylion where has anyone mentioned buying a pedigree dog that isn't KC registered other than you?

Bunnylion Wed 03-Apr-13 23:01:55

midori OP asks where to get a puppy from as their last one was from a "backyard breeder". I'm answering this question. Glad we all agree.

HotPanda Thu 04-Apr-13 16:02:12

I think I confused the issue. Or maybe I confused myself...

My dally is KC registered, we have his certificate going back 5 lines and we have successfully shown him when he was a pup (but decided that wasn't for us).
The person we got him from wasn't what I would have called a breeder, in that this was her dogs first and only litter. Our pup came with the free insurance etc, but not the lifetime support as we got him from North Wales and we live in the South.

I was just confused with what was a backyard breeder and what was a good one.

slave I have looked at the Gunalts, but Leeds is a fair way from us. I was hoping for one nearer.

The husband is set on a weim. I can't tempt him with a Vizla, although he says perhaps for the next one.....shock

Slavetothechild Thu 04-Apr-13 17:00:58

Ideally look for a breeder that is a kennel club assured breeder, don't just take their word for it check with the kennel club. They should be members of their breed clubs again you can check . Also pups from show homes are good as the quality of the parents is generally better. Parents with show champion titles are the best as they have been judged better than many other dogs by numerous judges. Both parents must be hip scored average is around 12 so don't buy if parents have much higher scores. When you go to see pups the owner should be open and happy to answer your question check the mum is happy and relaxed and check their certificates Don't necessarily buy a dog because it is local make sure you can see the mother are given sires details so you can look him up, sometimes it's worth travelling for the right dog smile sometimes though the right pup is in the next village ! Good luck

Slavetothechild Thu 04-Apr-13 17:04:31

Oh just thought a good breeder is not eager to sell you a puppy !! We ask lots of questions and like to meet people before we decide if they can have a puppy smile if some one is over eager and doesn't check that you are the right owners they are not bothered about their puppies. Thus they have probably not been to careful all the way through.

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