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Dog biting foot - any ideas?

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musicposy Wed 03-Apr-13 00:46:04

After all the snow, our younger dog was chewing all her feet. I did wonder if she got chilblains as she loved the snow and was playing in it with the DCs a lot. She's got out of the biting habit now except for just one foot which she still has a good old chew on quite regularly. I can't see anything and the dog groomer had a really thorough look at it and can also see nothing. I think she's possibly got into a habit now which has set up a cycle.

I bought some dog bootees for the foot for when we are not watching her but she gets them off. I tried a baskerville muzzle just for straight after she returns from walks (her worst biting time) but she hated that and pawed constantly at it - and also got it off.

I think I need to get her checked at the vet now, just in case there is something. But I'm betting it's going to mean an Elizabethan collar and I remember the fun that was after she was spayed! hmm

Anyone had similar problems?

minicreamegg Wed 03-Apr-13 12:57:26

My dog likes to chew her paws and luck her private area quite a lot hmm. She's been tested at the vet for food allergies/urine infections but got the all clear so turns out she's just a dog that likes to eat/lick feet.

poorpaws Fri 05-Apr-13 00:04:37

I had a dog who licked her paws after being in snow and it was little hard balls of snow between her "toes", then it became a habit.

I now have another one who chews her paws after a walk. We live in a particularly muddy area and I think she just cleans her paws as she doesn't do it at any other time.

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