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Car harness

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Daughteroughter Tue 02-Apr-13 03:31:31

Hi my BT who was totally reliable in the boot (estate) has now started climbing over to join us!!! Which is obviously not safe, also we are buying a second car which will not have a suitable boot and will be convertible. He loves the car and would choose to sit in the front and watch where we're going - he also seems to know DH has bad sense of direction ! Can anyone recommend a car harness which isn't too restrictive but keeps us all safe

Jayne266 Tue 02-Apr-13 04:31:29

I use a RAC one I think I got it off eBay.

Floralnomad Tue 02-Apr-13 12:53:03

I got our car harness from Tesco ,our terrier( Patterdale x) has always sat on a seat and loves the car . He prefers to sit in the front but will go on the backseat if absolutely necessary .

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