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Puppy goes mental at night!

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ILikeToClean Mon 01-Apr-13 23:24:25

Hi, so finally got our puppy and he's fab, pretty much housetrained after a few days, has already learnt sit, down and we're practising walking on the lead indoors and in the garden until he can go out (he's 9 weeks), loves meeting people, takes everything in his stride and we all love him to bits...just that every night he turns into some sort of Cujo! He goes mental, jumps up, nips, won't listen to anything, grabs DDs clothing, hair and will not let go, they do all the right things, ie stand still, yelp, tell him no, he's v aggressive and growls, I've growled back at him which sometimes stops him but nothing seems to calm him down. I realise he's probably overtired but he does sleep a lot in the day and on the whole is really gentle and fine then, around 7 each night turns into a monster! I know it's normal puppy behaviour and am not worried he'll grow up to be aggressive or anything but how do we calm him down? I don't want to put him in his crate as that feels like punishment, he goes in it great at night and sometimes take himself off during the day but mostly likes to sleep on the towel by the back door (think he gets hot), he'll go in it when we have to leave him but soon I'll be at work again and he'll be left for 2.5 hours at a time twice a week so don't want to give him negative associations by shoving him in when he's not behaving how we want him to! Have tried ignoring him but he then starts chewing and grabbing at anything he can, I have tried putting his lead on and training him to focus him, I know it's all normal but any ideas on what we can do to give him a time out without crating? He loves the garden but when he's out there in this mood he chews moss, grass, tries to eat cat poo, just totally goes wild! Think he sees DDs s playmates or food at this time and mauls them! Apart from this he's great!!

ILikeToClean Wed 03-Apr-13 11:05:23

Thanks boo we are socialising him well I think, I do let him eat grass as I can't stop him! Have been trying to ignore bad and praise good/replace things, he actually hasn't grabbed DDs today - yet - but they do try and ignore him and actually dd1 said "aah aah" to him and said he stopped so maybe she knows more than I do!! It's just so full on isn't it?! He's asleep now, exhausted after meeting friends and their dog, aah peace!! Will try what you've said, thanks for the tips!

needastrongone Wed 03-Apr-13 13:35:18

Booboostoo - Just to clarify, I agree totally re socialisation. I just meant that I got a bit obsessed with trying to cram in as much as possible asap! In fact, 16 weeks in plenty enough, if you try hard enough, to expose a puppy to a wide variety of people, dogs and situations at a steady rate!

His eye is still being medicated thanks for asking ILikeToClean, he will eventually go blind but, at present, retains some vision. For how long, the specialist cannot predict but at least he didn't lose it completely, which was the likely outcome after the accident.

Had forgotton about distracting with other toys too.

ILikeToClean Wed 03-Apr-13 15:51:28

Your poor dog ineedastrongone, can't believe he'll go blind hmm. Btw puppy has been lovely today, no biting at all, Lovely playing and cuddling, I'm thinking he is saving it all up for tonight! Or heard me saying Dogs Trust! grin

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