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My dog was PTS today...

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MrsWolowitz Mon 01-Apr-13 18:53:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SecretLindtBunny Mon 01-Apr-13 18:55:10

It wouldn't have been fair on her to keep going if she was having no quality of life.

I am sorry- it hurts like hell having to make that call.

catlady1 Mon 01-Apr-13 19:01:00

Oh that's so sad, I can't imagine sad 8 is no age at all.

I don't really know what to say, except try to take some solace in the knowledge that she enjoyed her life (and good on you for making sure she did), and don't ever feel like you shouldn't be as upset as you are because she was "just a dog." Let yourself grieve.


MechanicalTheatre Mon 01-Apr-13 19:01:42

Oh have some massive hugs, I'm so sorry. 8 is very young, but you made the right choice. I'm glad she had some lovely walks and a great life.

She wouldn't have been happy if she'd started to lose her quality of life, but of course it is so tough to make that choice.

EyePad Mon 01-Apr-13 19:05:30

oh I am so sorry to read this. I too have been there and lost a dog at what I consider an early age. It is heartbreaking, but she was clearly uncomfortable so it was the right thing. And 8 years of being dearly loved by such a caring owner beats anything xx

RedwingWinter Mon 01-Apr-13 20:04:20

I'm so sorry, MrsW. What a hard thing to go through but you've done the right thing for her. Even though her life was short it was a happy one with a loving owner. She sounded like such a lovely dog sad

FayKnights Mon 01-Apr-13 20:05:58

Big cuddle from me, such a tough decision. Xxx

LaurieFairyCake Mon 01-Apr-13 20:07:32

Poor you sad. How sad she's gone so young.

fanoftheinvisibleman Mon 01-Apr-13 20:37:45

So sorry to hear that. Look after yourself.

basildonbond Mon 01-Apr-13 21:02:04

poor you and poor her sad

our old spaniel had a form of cancer which led to incontinence, dementia and lots of little growths all over his body - it is horrible, especially when she was so young, but you didn't have a choice

look after yourself

coffeeinbed Mon 01-Apr-13 21:05:25

So sorry about your girl.
Take it easy for the next days, be kind to yourself.

Freddiemisagreatshag Mon 01-Apr-13 21:13:52

Oh I'm so sorry.

needastrongone Mon 01-Apr-13 21:24:26

I am so sorry too. Thinking of you. X

OldBagWantsNewBag Mon 01-Apr-13 21:40:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ILikeToClean Mon 01-Apr-13 23:03:22

So sorry, it's the worst thing about having animals, the letting them go, she had a fab life with you though and hopefully you'll remember that once the raw pain has subsided, thinking of you and look after yourself, it is so painful now but soon you'll smile when you think of your girl.

thewhistler Mon 01-Apr-13 23:10:00

It's awful, you have given your heart to a dog to share. My heart weeps for you.

She obviously had a lovely life with the dc and you.

Soon, but not too soon, you will be able look back with fondness not sadness at the memories.

HoneyDragon Mon 01-Apr-13 23:13:07


I've been following your threads. I'm so sorry or you loss sad

chubbychipmonk Mon 01-Apr-13 23:21:06

So sorry. . . I've just had a new baby & my poor dog is kinda being neglected at the moment. Reading your post had made me realise never to take them for granted thanks

QueenOfCats Mon 01-Apr-13 23:25:16

Oh I'm so sorry sad

I felt the same when we had our dog pts last year.

They become such a big, important part of your life don't they, almost like another child.

Allow yourself time to grieve thanks

punter Mon 01-Apr-13 23:33:56

So sad to hear this. We had same situation last year only our old fella was 12. It leaves such a big gap - big hugs to you and your family.

MrsWolowitz Tue 02-Apr-13 10:35:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fayummummy Tue 02-Apr-13 10:46:42

I'm so sorry for your loss, it's absolutely heartbreaking when they go. She will have known she was loved and completely trusted you and DH to make the right decision for her. Bless them, sometimes they do seem to try and make it easier for us. I think we may have left it too long with some of our old dogs because we can't bear to let them go and with hindsight having them pts earlier might have been kinder. You did absolutely the right thing, it must have been so distressing for her if her behaviour was changing. You're not betraying her with the new puppy, particularly as you planned for him to be a companion for her. Big hugs flowers

MrsWolowitz Tue 02-Apr-13 10:50:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkbraces Tue 02-Apr-13 11:16:49

Im so sorry for your loss. She would have defintely known that you loved her and didnt want her to die.

SpicyPear Tue 02-Apr-13 12:41:09

So so sorry. I'm sure she knew you loved her. Best of luck with the puppy.

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