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Unable to hold wee overnight recently

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ConeyIslandBaby Mon 01-Apr-13 09:59:18

I’m starting to worry about my JR. He’s had 3 overnight wee accidents in the last couple of weeks. I had originally put this down to a change of food… we recently changed to Butchers tripe mix, the other food he was eating is going out of production, plus we need to keep our costs down and actually this is one food he will eat as he’s a fussy bugger. I know Butchers has a high moisture content hence putting the accidents down to the food. He’s pooh-ing more too, so just figured there’s more ‘waste’ with this food ifswim.

He’s not drinking anymore than normal. He rarely visits his water bowl in fact.

However, last night we took him out for a wee at 11.30pm. This morning I heard him get up early and mooch about, but didn’t actually get up myself until 6.30am by which time he’d had a wee on the floor. He seems to be weeing quite large volumes.

He’s 3 years old, not neutered but booked in to have the op on Friday. I’m going to call the vet tomorrow for advice (they’re closed today), but does anyone have any advice in the meantime? I’m now worrying about all sorts, cushings disease, diabetes, kidney / bladder problems etc…. Does anyone have any experience of these and how early symptoms presented themselves?

furbaby Tue 02-Apr-13 20:49:08

Our old girl (16) went through this a few weeks ago , I would come down in the morning to huge wee on the floor but now she seems fine , she was, nt drinking anymore but would wee out loads .
I can only think she may of had a dicky bladder as all is fine now .
Maybe a bit of an infection , I hope yours is the same and just gets over it .

eslteacher Wed 03-Apr-13 18:55:21

Does he wee where he sleeps, or somewhere else? And does he generally always wee in the same place?

These are the questions the vet asked us when our old lab suddenly started to wee inside at night. He said if it's where he sleeps, it's a sign of incontinence, but if it's somewhere else, especially if he's consciously going to this place again and again to wee, it's more likely to be psychological.

Our dog was going down into the kitchen to wee, and always doing it in the same spot. Letting him out for extra wees didn't seem to help, he'd always catch us out eventually and wee in that spot.

We never got to the bottom of it actually, it just went away again after a year or so. We tried more walks, more attention, more playing, and less of all of those things too - couldn't see any correlation! Actually I wonder if it wasn't a reaction to me moving in (the dog was originally my DP's, who lived alone, though now I see him as mine too) and somehow 'taking away' part of his master's affection - even though he didn't show this in any other way, and seemed to like me in all other ways!

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