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Trainer recommended half check collar

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Notonaschoolnight Sun 31-Mar-13 10:50:26

Week 3 of puppy training and I mentioned ill need to get pups next collar soon and what did she think I should get as I know there's all sorts of options and she said half check for mine.

I immediately thought about choking, as I'm clueless but have now read up and know that's not the case and with both of us knowing what my dog is like and now i know what a half check does when used correctly i now understand why she said it, but I'm still not sure (i feel that through my sheer will and determination plus sausage and clicker, she should be able to walk through woods and on beaches staying by my side wearing a flat collar but if I'm honest I was already researching front fasten harnesses)

I asked my breeder who said she likes them but sent me a link for a soft lined martingale collar that she's used herself for me to use while the pups still young, they look lovely (www made with love collars) but I'm still unsure.

Also the looseness issue for either type, are they best only used on walks in case they get caught on something? does that mean only put on for walks, should she still wear a normal collar too and have both on during walks or not wear anything at home.

MagratGarlik Sun 31-Mar-13 13:35:40

Our whippet has a martingale collar - they are used often for dogs whose neck is wider than their head as it makes it more difficult for them to back out of them. Ours only wears his when he is being walked (it stays clipped to his lead all the time), but he wears a second, smaller collar with his tags on, which he keeps on all the time.

We used to keep his martingale collar on all the time, but then had an incident once where he caught it in his crate. He was fine, but it made us realise we really needed to be taking it off in the house.

That said, if she is wanting to use one of the metal half-check collars as a correction method, I'd change trainer. Your trainer should be promoting positive methods.

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