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Dog changes when he matures

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punter Sat 30-Mar-13 10:23:28

7 month old golden lab male, now is the time when he is um developing and the balls have dropped. (Plans are to get him neutered), but just wondered if anyone else noticed any changes in their character during this puberty change - he seems more distracted, a bit uncomfortable like 'what the hell is going on at my back end' and not so settled particularly in the evening. Or is this the dreaded teenage phase with hew hormones coursing through. No humping behaviour (yet).

SpicyPear Sat 30-Mar-13 10:35:17

Yes. All of that. And since he has been regressing on certain behaviours like mouthing and recall has all but gone. It's exhausting!

thegriffon Sat 30-Mar-13 12:14:00

I didn't notice any particular puberty stage with my lab, he carried on with typical puppy behaviour, friendly, playful with other dogs, selective deafness to commands unless food involved. He occaisionally humped his bed but never other dogs. I'd decided to wait till he was fully grown (18 months - 2 yrs) before castrating, then when he got to 2 yrs and there were no problems didn't see any reason to have it done so left it. We'd met females in season on walks and he wasn't bothered.
He must be a late developer because 6 wks ago (age 2.5 yrs) a female lab living nearby was in season and my dog had a complete personality change, he was so distracted and stressed, kept whining to go out, pulling on the lead (I was scared to let him off) was so miserable that after 3 days of this I booked him in for castration. All went well and he's now back to the same lovely dog he was before he discovered girls smile.

Mandytm Sat 30-Mar-13 12:59:41

I didn't see a huge change with mine at puberty, he was more selective with hearing commands for a few months and his balls got darker, but by 1 and a half he was completley fine. Puberty is a natural process so I doubt he is that uncomfortable with what's happening to him.

I never got my dog neutered, even though a lot of people in the park have told me I should - presuming I've not researched and considered it thouroughly. He's very well behaved, never agressive or sexually inaproprtiate or dominating - just very playful, relaxed and friendly. I don't let him roam the streets so it's not like he's going to get anyone pregnant, I have no plans to neuter him.

My vet said if there is no reason to put your dog through an operation and the risks of anaesthetic unnecessarily if he has no physical or behavioural issues then. So long as you are a responsible dog owner then I would agree and do not think that it should be done automatically without weighing up all the pros and cons.

My brother had his labrador neutered and he is now obese, incontinent, has a number of other health issues and he continues to hump every other dog he meets (the labroador, not my brother).

TataClaire Sat 30-Mar-13 13:17:13

He could just have a Suprelorin implant, it makes them like a castrated dog for about a year and then you have it done again, worked great for my big male and meant I didnt have to worry about surgery.

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