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Tear in paw pad

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Blackpuddingbertha Thu 28-Mar-13 17:03:05

Puppy (10 months) cut a flap out of a pad on her front leg last night, presumably glass or similar on path but it was dark so couldn't find anything. She limped a bit at the time and licked at it for a while; it bled a small amount but she doesn't seem too bothered by it. However...she does have a flappy bit hanging now which is about 1cm long but quite narrow (few mm across) I think the cut's only deep at the end where it's still attached.

Been checking it on and off today and it doesn't look infected at all and it's no longer bleeding. She's been walked today but only on grass or sandy areas. Do we need to do anything else? I'm tempted to cut the flap off but don't know if this is a really bad idea!

She's currently running around the garden manically so all normal otherwisesmile

shoutymcshoutsmum Thu 28-Mar-13 19:22:06

I'm no vet but thought I would post my experience. My GSP cut his pad at the same age. He was staying with my in laws at the time and their vet stitched it and gave him antibiotics. We were also told not to let him walk on gravel etc.

GoSuckEggs Thu 28-Mar-13 19:29:43

My dog cut a bit chunk on his paw. I sucocremed and bandaged. checked everyday and let air frequently. the flappy bit healed back ok and you would never tell to look at his paw. It was very gross before and i was almost sick!

I would keep an eye on it, make sure it is healing nicely. apart from it really giving me the heeby jeebys- dont cut anything off! i would put a bandge on it when out, especially on sand. you dont want tiny bits of sand getting in there and preventing it healing

Blackpuddingbertha Thu 28-Mar-13 19:54:38

It's not bad enough for a trip to the vet but I will keep checking it for signs of any infection. I'm worried that the flappy bit might catch on something or get pulled more. I think she would chew a bandage off in seconds! Think I shall leave her to it and just keep an close eye on it.

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