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bags bigger than 15kg

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putonyourredshoes Thu 28-Mar-13 16:23:37

Anyone know where it's possible to buy 30kg bags (or even 50kg)?

Thank you!

foolonthehill Thu 28-Mar-13 17:10:16

Bags of dog food????? or something else???

The only 30/50kg bags i have found are for working dogs

putonyourredshoes Thu 28-Mar-13 17:12:35

bags of dog food yes - the cats can't manage that much wink

putonyourredshoes Thu 28-Mar-13 17:13:52

That's a great link though - thank you! Too expensive for me but I do have a Weim so will lurk around the site anyway.

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Thu 28-Mar-13 19:12:04

I've noticed that some brands have stopped selling the 15kg bags, and the biggest you can get now is 12kg hmm Uber annoying.

ScarlettInSpace Thu 28-Mar-13 19:15:02

You could ask your local pet shop to price them up in their preferred wholesaler? C&C like Batleys have huge stocks of mahoosive bags wink

Twattybollocks Fri 29-Mar-13 05:03:24

Realistically you wouldn't want a 50kg bag, it's too heavy for most people to lift safely, 30kg is manageable if you can find it.

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