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The Black Shadow

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Lynand Tue 26-Mar-13 16:27:46

The pups Basil and Pepper are 7 months now and came through their neutering op well. Pepper is bigger than expected, showing his Dachshund roots. He is black with white dapples and a long chunky body. Basil is more like a Chihuahua, small with tiny paws and a fluffy ginger body.
We have however been plagued recently by a mystery. Receiving a visitor a few weeks ago I cut a piece of sponge cake and took it to the guy seated in the lounge. The dogs had greeted him but were still in the kitchen. As I handed down the cake there was a whoosh of air, a black flash and the top of the sponge (the bit with cream on) vanished.
Similarly on Sunday a grill tray of Bacon in the lower half of the cooker contained 8 pieces. I went to call the family and when I came back only 3 pieces were left. I had the impression of a black blur.
There have been other instances of missing food. This opportunist will cause a distraction and then seize the moment, and the food. Wonder if I should set a trap? Chilli sausages?

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