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Did you have two dogs then lose one - what did you do?

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lovemydogs Thu 21-Mar-13 21:03:21

lost my female greyhound few weeks ago, so now just have a boy on his own but he came to me as the second dog so has not been on his own since I adopted him 5 years ago.
Difficult to know whether to get another female to keep him company - how do you tell if a dog is sad without a pal? Initially he was very subdued for the first week, now he seems okish, wants a bit more attention from me and seems to want treats to eat more but I wish he could tell me what he wants. Have tried a few foster dogs and he seemed fair quiet but then he is a laid back sort of dog and both the foster girls were rather young and pushy.
In some ways it is easier for me with just one dog and I take him with me in the car when possible - I don't work so am at home alot, but on the other hand I felt it was easier to go out on my own when the two dogs had each other as company in the house whilst I was out. I am not sure what I want.............................................any advice? Thank you so much.

cathpip Fri 22-Mar-13 13:42:15

I had 2 labs and lost one, my remaining lab (who was 10) was very subdued and even though I was a sahm and we walked with other dogs every day he still was lonely. I ended up getting a 4 year old rescue cocker, (felt very guilty about replacing my lost dog) we came across him on a walk and my lab was smitten, he missed having a friend to curl up next to, and I do believe it helped extend his life by another year. Needless to say when the lab went we added another cocker to our family.

Owllady Fri 22-Mar-13 15:47:21

I had two collies and my older one had to be PTS about 18 months ago (she was 18!) My other collie was 9, nearly 10. She was obviously quite distressed at first as she stopped barking and was subdued like your dog and it found her a bit of time to find her place in the home again, if you know what I mean? After 12 months on her own I registered an interest in a rescue organisation and ended up adopting another collie and it was absolutely the right thing to do I think as the older dog has really come out of herself again is more playful and full of life. I think some dogs just like having company smile

I also felt a bit guilty cathpip and it made me feel sad again about the death of the other dog but I had had her such a long time (16 years) and I was only 18yo when I got her myself that we had been through so much together and I think that is something to feel sad about and quite normal.

Greenkit Fri 22-Mar-13 17:16:24

I had two whippets, we lost our girl the week before Christmas. My lad moped (SP) about and a week later we got our second whippet girl.

Our lad loves her to bits, they play and he has really cheered up and she has brought the sparkle back to our lives too.

TataClaire Sat 23-Mar-13 08:42:54

When my older collie was pts the younger didnt seem to notice for a bit and then suddenly it was like he realised she wasnt coming back and she wasnt just on holiday and got really subdued. It wasnt till I moved in with my partner that he suddenly perked up and seemed rejuvenated even though I wouldnt say they got on especially well but I really believe it helped extend his life.

Lara2 Sun 24-Mar-13 10:50:03

Oh I'm dreading this. My 2 are litter mates and 9. Hopefully there's a few years yet, but they've always had each other, they look out for each other. I rehomed them when they were 1 and I'm not sure that either of them would take kindly to a different dog in place of the other.
It's lovely to hear I'd the success stories.

Lara2 Sun 24-Mar-13 10:50:43

Sorry, it's lovely to hear of the success stories.

AdoraBell Tue 26-Mar-13 01:49:26

We had four and lost three, one was poisoned and the other two ran off hunting and were never seen again. The remaining dog spent a week sitting forlornly at the gate, stopped eating and wasn't interested in playing, so we bought a puppy. After she'd accepted this outsider, took a coupe of days, she reverted to her normal self.

I have also known a DC become inexplicably ill after the family's dog died and Dr's advice was to get another.

I would get a companion for your dog.

lotsofdogshere Tue 26-Mar-13 08:58:50

I realised our 15 year old rescue boys earthily powers were waining about 6 months before we had to make the hard decision to have him pts. Our 4 year old dog had never lived as a single dog, we'd also fostered so often had 3 or more dogs at home. I hadn't had a puppy for almost 40 years, as we'd rescued dogs. The thought of a puppy arriving without baggage was a pull, along with the thought of our 4 year old dog living as an only dog. The pup arrived 6 months before the old boy left us and the 3 dogs were soon snuggled up together much of the time. Our 4 year old dog was definitely affected by the loss of her companion. She looked sad and a bit bewildered for some time. She also assumed responsibilities that her older companion usually took on, for example barking at the door, at noises in the night and also on a couple of occasions, standing in front of me, and barking when we were on country walks and she saw men she didn't know approaching. She and the young dog are inseparable, and both benefit from each other.

fledtoscotland Tue 26-Mar-13 12:30:37

I lost my 5yr old girl to cancer 2yrs ago in may (pics on profile) and my other collie X was pining for her refusing to eat or go out. Our vet recommended getting Rocky a companion quickly as he'd never been on his own. We rehomed Buzz, an 8wk old GSD from SSPCA (enquired about his mum but got offered a pup) and he's saved Rocky's life. They are best pals and inseparable. We added in a Lhasa puppy last spring and chaos has resumed grin

Our vet advised we either rode out Rocky's depression which may not have a good ending as he missed Tallie so much or we got him a companion fast

TheCatInTheHairnet Tue 26-Mar-13 12:36:11

After our dog died, our first dog spent days and days lying, looking at the spot our dog had died at. It was awful! So we got a new puppy. They don't get on quite as well as the original duo but at least it got our first dog wagging his tail again.

lovemydogs Tue 26-Mar-13 17:36:00

thanks everyone - I am intending to have a foster girlie dog next week for a trial - she is poorly at the moment or would have come sooner xx

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