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Size of crate for the car

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paddythepooch Thu 21-Mar-13 20:15:56

We want to get a crate to use in the car and whilst we are camping or staying away or in hotels. Mr P already has crate at home which is Huge. Plenty of room to stretch out etc in that one. We are wondering about how much smaller we can go in the car? Do we need to get one where he can stretch his legs out fully when he's lying down? Or can we go for a smaller one than his usual one? Dh is fussing and wants to get a massive one which would take up the whole of the boot area. I think pooch can squidge up a bit.

foolonthehill Thu 21-Mar-13 21:05:49

My springer is in a size down for her car crate (or it wouldn't fit in) I never drive more than a couple of hours at a time so we get out and exercise/stretch on longer journeys. most of the time we are only driving to a long dog walk anyway!! it is also a fabric one so I can manoeuvre it more easily than the metal, she stays in it when camping and can still turn round in it but not lie at full sprawl (which i have never seen her do in her uber sized crate anyway..

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