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Any ideas on how to stop my dog peeing/pooing every night and barking every morning?

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poachedeggs Thu 21-Mar-13 07:11:29

Ok, she's just learned since puppyhood that indoors is where to toilet. You might find things improve if you put down a carpet offcut in the room she uses for a while. In the meantime reinforce her heavily for peeing outdoors.

NotMostPeople Thu 21-Mar-13 06:52:40

I do a long morning walk, she's a rescue and had never been outdoors when she came to us at seven months. In effect she was trained to go inside and it took a while to get her clean during the day. The floors are wood laminate, I've tried all sorts of cleaner including vinegar, but I'll try bio washing powder. I can introduce a walk at the end of the day, but I'm often on m my own with the dc's so can't leave them for too long. I'll give everything you say a try.

poachedeggs Wed 20-Mar-13 22:18:18

When do you walk her?

Dogs can develop substrate preference so if they toilet on indoor flooring a lot as a puppy they learn to use indoor areas as toilet areas into adulthood. She will need to be retrained if this is the case.

Make it easy for her - feed a main morning meal and a very small snack later in the day. Give her a good evening walk, ideally with access to grass.

I would go back to toilet training square one. Take her out every hour, on the hour, after meals, after sleeps, and any time she seems restless/sniffing. Go out with her and reward her heavily for toileting outside - you can use a cue like "go pee" if you like. Give her food treats and act like it's the most amazing thing ever if she toilets outside. Any mess inside should be thoroughly cleaned up using bio washing powder while she is out of the room. No punishments or verbal reprimands for mess in the house.

I would be surprised if that didn't give you improvements quite quickly.

NotMostPeople Wed 20-Mar-13 12:36:05

I think I've posted before about the peeing/poo thing before, I've tried making her last meal quite early ie 3pm, making it late ie. 10pm and only feeding once a day (not easy as my other dog needs two meals a day). None of these has worked, she's 18 months btw.

5 days out of 7 we wake up to pee and poo. We have no problems with her at all during the day and she's let out at night a couple of times and before we go to bed, which can be quite late. We're considering just giving up and putting a pad down, but I'd rather not.

Also, is it ok for her to bark every morning at 7? DH often has to leave very early and says the pee and poo is there already as early as 5am, so I don't think she's barking to be let out.

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