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Dry shampoo

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TheChimpParadox Wed 20-Mar-13 15:28:03

Yes I suppose I could do that.

Floralnomad Wed 20-Mar-13 14:46:46

Why don't you just send her to the dog groomers and let them deal with her , I'm sure they must deal with bath averse dogs .

TheChimpParadox Wed 20-Mar-13 14:20:55

May have to try the' bucket and backed into a corner' method ! grin

Might wait until weather gets a bit warmer.

littlewhitebag Wed 20-Mar-13 13:10:32

I have a dry shampoo for my lab. It is not great and the smell of that (it's a blueberry smell) mixed with the smell of fox/deer poo is a bit nauseating.

I sometimes put dog shampoo in warm water then use a sponge to give her neck area a good scrub. I do have to back her into a corner in order to do this.

TheChimpParadox Wed 20-Mar-13 10:47:31

yes - tried the bucket - still runs . A bit concerned about using normal shampoo on her then not being able to catch her to rinse it off .

Will have a look at the deodoriser.

Floralnomad Wed 20-Mar-13 10:38:22

I don't use dry shampoo ,but between baths I do occasionally spray mine with a doggy deodoriser , there's loads of different ones on the market . Have you tried just sponging him from a bucket of warm water ,I think I'd run if someone came at me with a cold hose!

TheChimpParadox Wed 20-Mar-13 10:30:48

Anyone ?

TheChimpParadox Tue 19-Mar-13 15:56:43

My lab loves water, mucky puddles and rolling in disgusting stuff but she will run a mile if hose pipe or bucket comes out to wash her down . Wouldn't even attempt to put the in the bath - more often than not I let her swim in the river to clean her off.

Was wondering about now and again giving her a freshening up with dry shampoo - anyone use it , any recommendations ?

She is nearly 3 and not yet had a bath shock

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