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My dog was attacked - WWYD re other owner + vet bills?

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MissBetseyTrotwood Sat 09-Mar-13 18:43:25

My poor, lovely dog got attacked today. He was on the lead, minding his own business when another dog ran up and went for him. It happened so fast.

The other owner had no control over his dog. As his dog was biting mine, he couldn't get hold of her; she kept running off and coming back for more. We both ended up on the ground as my dog, trying to get away from his had tangled us all up in the lead.

We managed to swap numbers and he said he'd pay vet's bills.

My dog has a large chunk out of his shoulder and has needed internal and external stitching. He has a large area of deep bruising where, if the worst case scenario happens, he'll need a skin graft. He's still at the vet; we might not be able to pick him up today. He'll need to return to the local vet on Monday and Friday and to the hospital in 10 days time, most of which we'll have to take time off work for and arrange childcare.

The first vet bill comes to £470. It will cost us more in checkups etc, never mind the potential skin graft. I called the other dog's owner with this figure. He is saying we should get the insurance to pay and he'll pay the excess which is about £150.

I want him to pay the full £470. I'm furious; our dog's a rescue, who had a hard life before he came to us and was just starting to be socialised with other dogs. This will set him back no end, as well as being horribly traumatic for him and us. I thank God the DCs weren't with me when it happened.

I'm feeling quite emotional and still teary about it all. Is this clouding my judgement? AIBU to expect him to pay?


MissBetseyTrotwood Mon 11-Mar-13 19:25:08

Ha ha Merrylegs - yes, my chap is one! Mine has his ishoos and that's why we've been so cautious with him when out and about. He doesn't actually think he's a dog, that's the main problem! And yes, their skin is very delicate so they tear easily. He's much brighter today. He even tried to get into the bin this morning so things are getting back to normal.

We have the other owner's insurance details now QuietTiger so if he doesn't end up paying and we have to claim, they can chase him through his company.

I'm just so glad my DCs weren't there Hangingon - they'd have been so distressed and the thought that they might have tried to get involved and ended up being bitten themselves makes me feel very uneasy.

Our insurance company were pretty non committal about the whole thing - they said they'd only consider the case if we were to claim and couldn't guarantee our premium wouldn't go up but that it 'seemed unlikely'. I made sure they had no details of our case. They were quite unwilling to speak hypothetically though. I also left a message on the dog warden's phone.

He's back to the vet tomorrow for a check up. Got a very affectionate and energetic greeting when I got in from a spectacularly crappy day at work so that was lovely. smile

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