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Is there a right way to use a coupler lead with two dogs?

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Owllady Thu 28-Feb-13 16:43:13

I am having some issues with my older dog herding cars. She used to do it years ago but it was trained (as much as possible out of her) but since we have had the younger dog she is back to chasing as fast as she can. I would normally let her off lead and lead the other one as her recall isn't good enough yet, but older dog has been such a problem with chasing cars up the lane that i can no longer unlead her until we get up the woods/in a field (wherever away from roads)

I have been walking them separate for the last few weeks and then a shorter together walk where I would drive them away from a busy place (ie. end of my lane grin), then yesterday I walked them separate and then took them out on a coupler lead. It actually went pretty well tbh, so today i just walked them together on it but occasionally younger dog might tangle older dog up and obviously on a park/in woods I will let older dog off anyway as long as it is away from the road

Are there any hard and fast rules on safety or training regarding them? or are you all going to tell me they are a really bad idea anyway? confused

toboldlygo Thu 28-Feb-13 16:59:26

I can't stand couplers as usually one dog is more confident and bolshy (or just more intent on going to pee up things!) than the other and the meek one will end up jerked about by the neck. I use a carabiner clip to clip two normal 6ft leads together by the handles or, for long cross country walks, a walking belt with a pair of bungee leads on a swivel carabiner so the dogs can cross each other's paths without becoming tangled and I can walk hands free.

SpicyPear Thu 28-Feb-13 17:29:13

I am having similar issues. Older dog has started pulling when she sees other dogs when she is out with pup, something we had previously stopped. I tried a coupler and really found it negatively affected pup's lead walking as he really enjoyed trying to pull against her and drag her somewhere (he is similar height but weighs only half). I only use it now if I need to take them to vets or daycare while I have handbag etc, not on proper dog walks. I have a waist belt so might try that swivel carabiner tip, but at the moment get on okay with two Dog Games fleece leads as they are comfortable to carry even when I have two and easy to unknot every so often.

minicreamegg Thu 28-Feb-13 22:53:08

I don't like them either, especially since my 2 dogs are like chalk and cheese. Always hated when one would make a sudden dash so the neck on the other one would get tugged.

Owllady Fri 01-Mar-13 12:55:59

I have taken them separate again today! I think i just need to work on little dogs training herself and not be impatient iykwim

minicreamegg Fri 01-Mar-13 13:49:03

Have you tried a Halti for them? Both mine wear them, it just means I can walk them without being pulled as I walk the dogs with a buggysmile. I have 2 GSD's and are too strong for me on normal leads.

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