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7month old puppy(?) mouthing maybe nipping

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littlewhitebag Fri 22-Feb-13 09:35:49

My 9mth old lab has started doing this again if she gets very excited when playing. Today i was throwing a ball for her in the garden and she started jumping up and biting my coat sleeves and fingers then she started pulling on my shoe laces and nipping my ankles. We finished that game very quickly and came inside as i won't tolerate that behaviour.

Like your dog i think she was just trying to engage me in play so i am planning to take it back a few stages and play with the ball indoors getting her to bring it and leave it etc.

I think you might just have to be consistent in your approach when your dog does this in the future. Sorry i am not of more use to you.

mrslaughan Thu 21-Feb-13 20:51:46

So we have just got our dog, he is 7 1/2 months old. He is a giant breed (think bernese) and is huge - he is already bigger than a labrador (don't flame me, but this was my husbands choice and I am already wondering why I let him persuade me). Don't get me wrong, he is lovely, but......
When he first arrived when he was "playing" with my dd, if she turned away he would mouth at her clothes pull her back to get her attention. On advise from breeder we ignored this, walked away, disengaged. And he stopped.

Anyway today while I was cooking he mouthed my daughter. Again dis-engaged. it stopped.
Tonight I was taking him out for a wee, and he jumped up a little and mouthed, nipped me on the thigh, almost like he was grabbing and my trousers to hurry me along. It was playful, it wasn't aggressive.
First time I said no and pushed his head away. Second time I said owww loudly and pushed his head away, he didn't do it again....I know 2 diff reponses. It is as gentle as he can be, no mark on my leg, just my confidence rocked.

Now I remember my lab did this as a pup - but that was a long time ago, and I can't remember at what age.... but it is just bloody disconcerting, because he is so huge.

Also how to handle it? basically if it didn't happen again I would be very happy.

Also this is not happening all the time - first time he has ever done it too me, he was "playing with DS and friend today and didn't do it at all.

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