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New puppy and intro to 3 year old springer

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imnotmymum Tue 19-Feb-13 07:54:20

Hi we have nearly 3 year old Springer boy, he is neutered and is good(ish!!) We had him at 8 months old and he really trusts us now and is settled and happy with a houseful of kids. When we walk on beach or moors he does not bother other dogs in fact he is quite anti-social which is good as he does not go tearing up to people but we thinking of getting a new puppy. We want a black lab as we moved house and have a bigger house and lots of land so can have another dog. Any advice on introducing as I do not want any jealousy, boy or girl, any experience of a new puppy and a dog... just general guidelines so we can have a happy doggy home!! Thank you so much !!

beachyhead Tue 19-Feb-13 08:14:02

We did very similar dynamics with a three year old Working Cocker and a Lab Cross.

We just brought him home and as all the children fussed over the puppy, we fussed the cocker.

We were advised (wrongly or rightly!) to get a boy to complement our existing girl, as the girl would always be in charge anyway, and two bitches might clash more.

She's definitely in charge and we didn't stop her ticking him off when he was a puppy, again not sure if this is accepted or good practice.

We gave her lots of space, didn't push them together at all, although he did look to her as a surrogate mum (and still does, three years later!)

I have no idea if we did the 'right' things, but it was a bit like introducing a new baby into the house and making sure the older sibling wasn't left out grin

imnotmymum Tue 19-Feb-13 08:19:59

Thanks yes I thought it would be like bringing home a baby!! We were wondering if we should get a girl as dog been neutered and not sure if we want a 2 boys in the house and how this would work.

beachyhead Tue 19-Feb-13 08:50:04

I'm not really an expert as many on the doghouse are, but my gut feeling would be for a girl too...

I also kept them apart at meal times to start with, and made sure the puppy had down time when he wasn't looking out for his new 'mum'.

Walking is a bit tricky as the puppy can only do 5 mins x his months age, so he only got up to 30 mins at six months, but the cocker needed a lot more, so that was a pain organisationally! But it's a bonus to walk them separately for a bit as it helps with training. ( I didn't do this enough grin).

imnotmymum Tue 19-Feb-13 08:55:59

Thanks Beachy really helpful x

digerd Tue 19-Feb-13 12:55:30

If resident dog is a male, to avoid any machoism/top dog rivalry/resentment, it is usually advised to get a girl. And yes I have had girls in which one was the jealous, sneaky, spiteful type and the slightly smaller one was the culprit and the newest arrival. But they were all young adult dogs.

worsestershiresauce Tue 19-Feb-13 21:45:08

I have two boys - they are best of friends. It isn't the gender of the dog that matters so much as the character. Two very dominant dogs will fight, so make sure you get a pup with a different personality to the springer. They will take a while sorting out between themselves who is the boss, but so long as one of the dogs is happy to take on a slightly subordinate role all will be well.

Things that worked for me:
Separate sleeping areas and food bowls
Exercise and train separately (you won't be able to train the pup otherwise)
Equal attention - yes the pup will be cute, but your existing dog still needs love
Don't expect them to get on from day one. Dog1 will be extremely put out to start with. If you are expecting that it is easier to deal with.

imnotmymum Wed 20-Feb-13 08:01:06

Thanks yes I am sort of split as to how dog will react as he is a bit anti social dog wise as I say. This could work well I guess and he will ignore it..or get put out that he has his space invaded!! The tips about separate space is a good idea.Thanks all I will continue with puppy search!

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