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Skin changing colour

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nooka Sun 17-Feb-13 16:46:32

Our three year old mixed breed has had a few episodes of pain in a leg (enough to reduce him to a shivering heap). When we've taken him to the vet they've never found anything and a couple of days of painkillers and he is fine again.

Last time it happened he was in the garden and dh found him curled up in the snow. The pain took much longer to go away (he yelps on jumping up, but is otherwise fine) we had a few vet visits and anti inflamatories for a week or two. The vet said it was maybe arthritis.

I was away at the time and when I came back I noticed that his skin which is normally a very dark colour had gone pale pink (still looked good condition and his gums were fine). The vet said it was just him growing up so I didn't think of it too much, but we were away for a few days last week and on our return noticed that his skin had gone back to it's usual colour.

Are there any conditions associated with skin colour? He is a healthy active dog apart from the pain on jumpng every now and then thing.

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 18-Feb-13 15:11:56

Have you had any x-rays? In a dog so young with repeat episodes the pain needs investigating. Which areas of skin have changed colour?

nooka Tue 19-Feb-13 04:47:35

All his skin changed colour. It was always surprising dark as he has yellow lab type colouring so probably the vet thought I was a bit strange to be worried when his skin looked totally normal.

We've not had any x-rays etc as the vet said the treatment would be the same regardless but I think we might get them done next visit. We're pretty sure he has some lower back problem but she gave him a very thorough examination (including waking him around like a wheelbarrow etc) and he didn't wince or yelp at all.

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