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Dog friendly plants

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Notonaschoolnight Sat 16-Feb-13 09:25:44

I'm getting my mil round later to point out the plants that I shouldn't have in the garden from the poisonous plants list as I'm a bit clueless, but I can't find a list of plants on Internet that are ok to have which I could do with as I don't have much knowledge of plants

Floralnomad Sat 16-Feb-13 09:38:24

Not sure about plants but daffodil bulbs are really poisonous ,so if your dog is a digger good luck if you have them . We had some in a pot and our pup dug them up when we'd only had him a week he was very sick but fortunately no long term damage . FWIW no plants are safe here as my dog just rips up everything so now he's not allowed in the main part of the garden we've put an ornamental metal fence around the patio and he's confined to that . It also means that there's no mud in the house and no big holes in the lawn .

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