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My dog keeps electrocuting me

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Seriously, every time I stroke him I get zapped. The DC have decided he is evolving a new super power, like an electric eel. Any idea what's causign this? We don't have carpets. How the hell is he charging himself up?!

MissingMySleep Thu 14-Feb-13 10:55:26

perhaps it is you that is charged up? i used to have the same thing with my old dog, we both used to jump from it, but this dog doesnt do it

sorry that is not much help!

pimmsgalore Thu 14-Feb-13 11:41:50

chickens pimmsdog has started zapping me this week, my DCs think it is an evil dog plot to take over the world grin

If you find a cure tell me smile

I'm glad it's not just my mutt. But it is bloody weird. We both jump grin

When I was pregnant with ds2 I got zapped 20 times a day, by doors, cars, poor dd, anything at all I touched.

I never did figure out what caused it but it stopped eventually.

Maybe the poor dog is similarly afflicted?

He's a boy dog shock

He's also minus his testicles. Maybe all neutered males end up carrying voltage. Perhaps canine gonads act as a kind of conductor.

mistlethrush Thu 14-Feb-13 12:46:40

Mine does this when she's been lying on her fleece blanket... I think she rubs against it and picks up the charge and it zaps me when I stroke her...

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersFiancee Sat 16-Feb-13 02:30:03

My neutered boy occasionally zaps me too! I was really confused at first but then realised what it was. He has a housecoat and when I pull it off him it slides up his back and crackles a tiny bit, it's usually shortly after removing it that it happens!

However, my dog is a skinny, baldy assed greyhound who needs a coat. You have a Spaniel so he probably doesn't have a coat does he?

Er. No. No, he doesn't wear pyjamas, either <cough>

zonedout Sat 16-Feb-13 07:28:05

Oh weird. My (neutered male rescue) cat does this as well. EVERY time I touch him. Sorry doghouse, I know he's not a dog but I do have a dog and was about to come on here to ask for some (doggy) advice when I saw this and finally felt less alone with my feline zapper...

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