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Wigging out slightly - dog trainer?

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Pizdets Mon 11-Feb-13 11:51:30

Hi All,

Would really appreciate your advice. PizPup is 5 months old now and is generally amazing - house trained, decent recall, knows tons of tricks, loving, not yappy, friendly with other dogs etc. But my main problem is that he can't BEAR to be apart from me, or left in general. I've reduced and reduced the time I spend picking him up/cuddling him to the bare minimum, made sure DH takes over when he can, spend hours each week leaving him, hiding round the corner and treating him for being quiet for a few seconds, but he still just cries and barks if I leave him alone for more than about 30 seconds.

He gets 2 hour-long walks day as well as a couple of 15 minute training sessions and some indoor play, I'm careful not to make a fuss about leaving him and to only return to him when he's quiet but he just doesn't like to be left alone (on my terms, he's very happy to run off upstairs for 15 minutes if I don't realise I've left the stair gate open.)

When I go out I settle him with treats and he's usually quiet when I get back, although I do suspect he cried for a bit while I'm out. The main problem is that I've recently found out I'm pregnant again and I have visions of being stuck at home with a crying baby and a crying puppy and there being no respite!

Am I being a wimp, do I need to keep persevering? Or would a good dog trainer/behaviourist be able to help me in this situation? Can anyone recommend one in West London?

Thanks in advance for any help, don't think the hormones are helping me and am feeling a bit panicky!


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