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Thinking about getting a dog, wdi need to think about?

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pregnantpause Sat 09-Feb-13 16:40:11

I am considering getting a pet dog in the autumn. My dd is desperate for a dog, although she is four, so her input anis minimal. I love dogs , grew up with them.

I have a cat, but she's hardly around, I have chickens but very large garden so easy to separate.
What do I need to consider? Breed? Rescue what are the best options for a family dog? How much does a dog cost (after initial buy on a monthly basis, food insurance etc)

any advice welcome really

MrsLoobyloola Sat 09-Feb-13 19:23:02

Ask your vet to recommend safe breed, ie cocker spaniel, border terrier, lots to much time can you give to exercise it, how much time do you spend at home with it, how often do you go away on holiday (boarding fees). Initial course of jabs is around £60, then annual booster. Insurance is dependent on breed, average £20 month. I budget £30 month just for jabs, flea and worm treatment and food. They're an expensive hobby, but I wouldn't be without mine!!

tabulahrasa Sat 09-Feb-13 23:41:04

The big ones are...

Are you prepared to never go anywhere without working out if it's too long to leave the dog or making arrangements for someone else to look after it?

how much exercise are you willing/able to do?

After that it's things like how much drool and fur can you put up with and how much grooming can you realistically do?

I'm on my 5th dog, not including childhood pets, but he's the first puppy I've had from be honest, I'll never have another one. At 7 months he's an amusing mix of frustrating and lovely, a few months ago he was a nightmare, a tiny fluffy bitey monster who peed all over my house and terrified my children. My next one will be a nice half grown or young adult dog, after they've stopped teething anyway, lol.

My insurance is £35 a month and he costs about £50 a month to feed - but that's because of his size and breed.

If it was me, I'd work out what you can do in terms of walking and grooming, pick a rough size (I'm flexible on size as long as it's not teeny tiny or a giant) get in touch with a rescue and tell them that and your circumstances and see what they have that's suitable for you....and don't then get swayed by cute puppies blush

LostInWales Sat 09-Feb-13 23:46:01

Get to your local rescues and tell them what your lifestyle is and about your family and they will match you with a dog that fits. (and then get a greyhound, whippet or lurcher, they are basically cats in dog form and will reward you with undying love and be beautiful cushions around your house for years to come wink)

TeaOneSugar Sun 10-Feb-13 09:50:35

If you get a puppy (not sure we'll ever have another puppy either) your vet will probably have a puppy club, you pay a monthly amount and it covers initial jabs, boosters, health checks, worm and flea treatment, discount off neutering etc, the one ours offered was very cost effective.

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