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Where can you get collar and coat for chihauhau?

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Jaynerae Tue 05-Feb-13 17:32:47

Wow sorry so long , venting as well really!

Jaynerae Tue 05-Feb-13 17:32:12

Mil had a chi x Chinese crested puppy begining Jan. He is gorgeous.

Mil is very close to her sister and listens to everything she says. Mils sister had chi pup week before so Mil decided she wanted one, recently lost her DH after 60 years and wanted the company.

I had dogs for the last 30 years and always had more than one at a time, so feel I know a far bit about them!
I said I would help find a decent breeder but it would take time.

Next day sil takes her to see puppies they found on Internet, and yes they came home with one. I didn't know till after the event, everything they told me about breeder and her flat sang danger signs to me. I would never have bought pup. would never have gone in first place to see them!

Any way what's done is done.

I took Mil and pup straight to vets next day for check up. Vet said apart from being very underweight he was fine.

Mil keeps phoning asking for help, with toilet training, and feeding. Pup is going on paper and pads but mil refuses to take him outside as it's to cold! DH and I know this will cause issues with toilet training but she is listening to her sis and copying what they do.

Mil is feeding pup dry kibble Hills, putting water on to soften, which is fine, but she is feeding way too much, and leaving food down, so dish is never empty. This makes it impossible to regulate bowels. I have done my best to explain importance of picking any remaining food up after half hour. Have explained he isn't eating it all as he is never hungry. But she said she is worried he will be hungry if she picks it up as he hasn't eaten it all!.

She wanted a coat for him, so I drove her round 4 pets shops no where had one small enough, but we did find him a jumper.

3 days later she phones to tell me jumper is too small, his coat has grown loads so it's too small, and she can't get it on him as he wriggles and cries so it must be hurting him. I went round put it on him in 5 seconds flat, he squeaked his protest but he is certainly not hurt just doesn't like wearing it. Mil said she can't put it on so wants coat, but We can't get one small enough.

We took her to get a collar and lead. We fitted collar, two fingers under collar easily but not loose enough to slip over head. Explained to mil he won't like it and will scratch at it but to leave it on and he wil get used to it.

I phoned today to see how she was and she said he didn't like collar, it was hurting him as it was too tight and she has taken it off.

What on earth can I do to get her to listen to us? DH fully supports me and tells Mil exactly same.

Mils sis has proper coat and harness, mil now wants these. My dog trainer said pups shouldn't wear a harness.

I am begining to loose patience, but DH and I will have dog when mil is on hols so we need this dog to be used to walking on collar and lead, used to going out so we can walk him with our dogs and I do not want him pooing and peeing on my carpets!

What on earth can we do to make her listen to us?

Mil is lovely and pup has helped her with her grief, put she is treating him like a baby not a dog!

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