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Finally back in The Doghouse

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TakingTheStairs Tue 29-Jan-13 16:07:52

Thank you very much. I'm so excited and can't wait to get him settled into our home.
I think there is a group of Spanish Water Dog owners that meet up in London, so if any of you are on this site please say hello!

ImNotaPheasantPlucker Tue 29-Jan-13 14:21:02

Welcome home!

BookieMonster Tue 29-Jan-13 09:13:42


TakingTheStairs Tue 29-Jan-13 08:50:09

In the best possible way. grin My very much loved bichon died last March from a liver infection. Healthy to gone in under 5 days. It was heartbreaking.
But, after searching for the right dog for us, I think we've found him.

A lovely 2 year old Spanish Water Dog. We're going to meet him this Sunday and I'm so excited. I can't wait to have a four legged friend back in our home.
Now, time to search for the right pet insurance for us.

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