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Should I get another puppy?

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smileyfacestar Sat 26-Jan-13 14:36:26

I contacted the breeder and his dog will have another litter in about a years time (from same parents as ours) so maybe I will hang on and see what happens. At least i know our dog has turned out ok. It would be cute to have two!

TheCatInTheHairnet Thu 24-Jan-13 16:38:31

I once had two puppies 6 months apart and it was great! They adored each other and it had absolutely no effect on how they were with us. They adored us too!

smileyfacestar Wed 23-Jan-13 17:54:58

Thanks OwlLady, Those are some good points.
I think I feel a bit guilty sometimes when I am doing housework and he is waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs (he isn't allowed upstairs). I thought if he had a friend he might be more occupied and it would be nice for him to have company on his walks. He is a bit wary of other dogs that we meet and i am trying to make it a positive experience for him by giving treats and praising him when he is calm.

OwlLady Wed 23-Jan-13 17:21:13

I can only post from my own opinion. I always have had the two, then had a year last year with just the one and my other dog seemed really sad sad but I don't know whether this is just because she was always used to having canine company at home iykwim and she is quite an anti social dog when we go walks. She would play with the previous dog at home but she would never play with other dogs on a walk, infact she was so snobby and sensible she couldn't possibly do that. Anyway we got another in november and she is really happy again, playing again, having a second puppy hood and they do both seem the thrive on one anothers company

The thing you have to bear in mind is

they will fight occasionally
they will physically play with one another in the house (I don't mind this some people do)
even if your dog is well trained they will go back to doing things they shouldn't really be doing - I have always found this, not sure whether it is common

BUT the main consideration you have to give is

can you afford the feeding costs, insurance and vet bills for two dogs, not just the one? you have already proved you have the time

smileyfacestar Wed 23-Jan-13 17:12:04

Just after some views really.

I have a male border terrier who is nearly six months old. I am in the house with him for most of the day. He is generally well behaved apart from getting excited about visitors/dh coming home. He seems to prefer lying in our dining room rather than joining us in the living room although he will curl up with us on the sofa in the evening. I thought about maybe getting another border terrier and was wondering how much harder two dogs are than one and whether this would benefit him in anyway?

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