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How much time to spend playing with puppy?

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needastrongone Thu 17-Jan-13 14:38:26

I know (hormones today!). I was just coming the thought that I kind of did overdo the attention with DS1 (don't we all with the first born?smile) and he's useless at entertaining himself. Whereas DD is great as she didn't have me following her round all the time waving toys!

Our friends have two dogs who are super and extremely loved and well behaved but don't get half the play I do with our puppy, self doubt!

OwlLady Thu 17-Jan-13 14:31:25

it all sounds fine, you love your dog and wantt o spend time with it, i don't think you need to question that really confused

needastrongone Thu 17-Jan-13 13:58:30

Probably a really silly question!!

We love our puppy and love spending time with him. I am a bit worried that we spend too much time playing with him though? DH usually up at 6am with puppy (the dog isn't awake then but wakes up to noise of DH getting ready for work, would sleep until 6.30/7am), spends half an hour playing, which both love and enjoy.

Rest of family get up. Puppy is bonkers in the early morning and requires more attention than for the rest of the day iyswim, less likely to potter and kind of follows me everywhere looking for attention. Kids go to school at 7.45am and I spend half and hour training and playing in the garden. He then voluntarily goes to sleep in his crate and I go to work or do chores etc, I try not to stay in the room always, for his benefit, he's fine with this though.

Usually I get back around 11am, let him out, toilet and sort of try to ignore/potter rather than give specific attention. He dozes or potters. We then go for a walk, lunch, train and he sleeps again. I am trying to engourage him to be calm during the day and he's really very good.

Kids give him a lot of attention when thwy get in as does DH and we are trying to train him with the clicker a lot, he's really good at picking stuff up. Usually dozes off at our feet by 8/8.30pm, we lift him at 10pm.

Just wondered if you think I am trying too hard? I really want a well mannered and well behaved dog, and we are all happy to put the work in, just don't want to overcook it though. He's been so good so far. But we won't go in the garden on his own for example, is this an age thing?

Just worried that I am getting it right that's all. We also start puppy training next week btw

Soory - hormonal self doubt probably today!

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