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Problem when walking dogs.

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keepingalowprofile Wed 16-Jan-13 21:54:20

Where we live is an elderly slightly unsteady on her feet lady who insists on giving treats to every dog she meets she has two dogs of her own. I have politely but firmly asked her not to do this but she's says it doesn't do any harm. Now when my dogs see her they go mad run over and jump up which she encourages they completely ignore me and in fact the more I try and get hold of them the more treats she waves around. This is irritating but what worries me is that dog 1 who weighs 20+ kg will jump up and knock her over. I obviously try to avoid her but she seems to appear from no where. I lied once and asked her not to do it as one dog was on a special diet but she told me the bloody treats were hypoallergenic so all would be fine. I don't want my dog to knock her over what would you do?

RedwingWinter Wed 16-Jan-13 22:29:04

I hate it when people give dogs treats without permission! I think you just have to be firm and assertive and keep telling her not to give them treats. You could always say they are on a weight-loss diet if you think it would help.

If you don't really mind the treats but are just worried about the jumping, you could ask her to help you train them by making them sit for their treats? Might work, some people think it is cute to make them sit.

You can also work on your dogs recall so that they will come back to you even if she is brandishing treats.

keepingalowprofile Wed 16-Jan-13 23:02:23

Thanks. The other day I said "please don't feed X he has not been well and is on a special diet" I'm not sure how much clearer I can be with out being really rude. This morning my dogs did the usual thing saw her went mad she calls their names they ran over treats are waived they jump up excitedly she encouraged them. Her treats are larger and more exciting than mine (I doubt their hypoallergenic) look like artificial strips of bacon. I manage to get dogs to sit put leads on them she waives more treats they jump up get caught in her dogs leads then we've four dogs all knotted up wrapping themselves around her legs and her walking stick! Its only a miracle she doesnt fall and break her hip. She obviously loves dogs and loves them loving her its all rather sad but even more sad if she falls and breaks something.

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