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John Bradshaw talk in Oxford tomorrow (16th Jan)

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RedwingWinter Tue 15-Jan-13 20:11:04

I thought those of you near Oxford might like to know that John Bradshaw is giving a talk about dogs and cats at Blackwells tomorrow - details here. Bradshaw is the author of In Defence of Dogs, which is a brilliant, research-based but readable book about dogs. He also has a new edition of a book about cat behaviour that is just published (I assume this is a launch event for it).

If anyone is able to go, please report back. Would love to be there but am not in the area!

(I hope it doesn't breach MNHQ guidelines to post this; I'm not connected in any way to the event or Bradshaw, just a big fan of his book).

RedwingWinter Tue 15-Jan-13 20:11:53

P.S. It's not free - you have to get a ticket for 3 pounds.

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