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Help with formal retrieve please! CalamityK, Cuebill, Doin? Help!!?

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Inthepotty Thu 17-Jan-13 20:05:15

Thank you ladies. Clicking like crazy. I will be back with more questions!

Cuebill Tue 15-Jan-13 09:57:38

Clicker training (is there an echo!)

I would back train it.
You need to work on the hold and the release.
He needs to know to give to your hand whilst holding the middle section.

I would start this by sitting down. Put the dumbell on the floor and encourage him to pick it up, If he picks it in the middle click and treat. Put your hand out to take it from him as he releases to you hand click and treat. Do this every meal time using his food. If he drops it before giving it to your hand, don't click but try again. If he does not pick it up in the middle do not click. You should not have mouthing if the distance between you and the dog is very close.

If you are on facebook look at a video on Mary Ray's page that shows a puppy starting the retrieve.

Once you have got a good hold and release you can then start to put in more distance and adding the wait and finish etc

D0oinMeCleanin Tue 15-Jan-13 09:31:52

Clicker training!

Only the click the best 50% of retrieves, so if one is really bad, don't click, is one is okay, click and give one treat, if she does a brilliant one click and jackpot treat.

Keep upping your expectations as she gets better.

Inthepotty Tue 15-Jan-13 08:51:20

Please help with a dumbell retrieve!

So far have got a nice formal recall and can send out to pick up from heel. PottyPup will bring articles (small bits of carpet, wood, metal etc) back but kind of shoves them at me then scuttles round to heel again. Just had DH make me a light wooden dumbell and would like to have a sit and present with it. So far have got him interested and he wants to get it but sometimes from the wrong end or mouths on the way back!

Any magical solutions that'll make me feel super clever tips??


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