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Tell me about your spaying experiences..

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Imsosorryalan Mon 14-Jan-13 20:54:34

Alan dog is going in for the chop tomorrow. I am expecting some soreness and grumpiness when I pick her up. Any thoughts on how you found it? How long do they feel out of sorts for and did it send them a bit mental afterwards?

Also what can I do to make her more comfortable. I have two dcs so I think she will be in her crate a lot if she is being grumpy!

Scuttlebutter Mon 14-Jan-13 23:07:19

Usually very woozy the night you bring them home. They will probably not feel like eating much and may just drink. Really important the DC give her some space at this time. Most of the foster bitches we've had done while with us, had a quieter day the next day, but def were perky. Eating, drinking, going out the garden for wees and sniffs. By day 2 very short lead walks. Day 3, a bit longer. And so on. Let them lead you - generally we found the biggest problem was to convince them that jumping on the sofa was not allowed. Ours usually climbing stairs by day 2 with no problem too though again, they should be taking it easy.
Vet will be happy to advise if you have any concerns about infection/stitches/pain relief. Def make sure the DC are briefed to be gentle, respectful and not encourage any rough play.

bevelino Mon 14-Jan-13 23:16:33

Our dog appeared miserable and tired on the first night after her spaying and kept looking at us as if she had the worries of the world on her shoulders. The next day she was a lot better and by day 3 she was back to her old self, bouncing around like normal. We are now on day 10 and her wound has healed very nicely. We only had her ovaries removed and not her womb which the vet said did not need to be removed and would shrivel up by itself eventually.

Imsosorryalan Tue 15-Jan-13 12:25:47

Did they have to wear a collar?

Grunzlewheek Tue 15-Jan-13 18:50:30

I have had several bitches spayed and they have been fine, a bit whoozy the first night then more or less back to normal by the next day, the problem has been trying to keep them from charging about.
I had my little JRX spayed about 6 months ago and I thought she was dying, the vet kept her for an extra 3 hours because they said she hadn't come out of the anaesthetic, she couldn't/wouldn't walk from the vets, spent all evening on my lap, next day she tried to walk, it obviously hurt so she gave up, just wanted to hide away on her own. this went on for 3 days, I was so worried. Vet said it was perfectly normal, some are ok, some aren't. She perked up when she went back to the vets for her post op check (other dogs to bark at) and by the time she had her stitches out she was back to normal.

I was given one or those collars to put on her but she never showed any interest in the wound so I didn't use it, but if she had been licking at the stitches I would have done.

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