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When to use the crate?

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Marne Wed 16-Jan-13 16:17:00

mrsjay- pup has already been to the vet (spent yesterday morning there) as he was passing blood sad, they think its just a tummy virus or colitus, he's on meds to try and harden his poo but so far its not working, he has to go back on friday. Vets ruled out parvo as he seems perfectly healthy other than the runny bum.

I crated him again when i picked the kids up and he howled (could hear him as i drove away) and the howled again as soon as he heard us pull up outside, i left him in the crate until he calmed down (used the clicker to reward him) and then let him out, he's now hyper and anoying my other dog. My other dogs a bit of a wimp and will just growl at pup but wont oput him in his place so pup keeps nipping her.

mrsjay Mon 14-Jan-13 20:01:14

see how he settles with the new food out puppy had anupset stomach when we got him he was 8 months he was on butchers puppy food, is he a tiny pup id maybe take him to the vet for a check up in the next few days, if he been sick and got the runs watch him

littlewhitebag Mon 14-Jan-13 19:59:04

Our lab pup had fairly runny poos and she was being fed Bakers. I changed her to Purina Pro plan Robust Puppy and she is doing well on it. Much firmer poos and much calmer too.
She was never sick in the car but found it distressing being loose in the boot. We got her a car crate and have never looked back. She is now 8 months and i take her all over the place with me.

Marne Mon 14-Jan-13 18:01:31

I do hope he will be ok in the car (we are planning on lots of trips out with him).

I left him in the crate when i went up to school and he was fine, he did cry when i left him but when i returned he was led down asleep.

He decided to do an explosive poo just as i was about to crate him. I was told he had a bit of a runny bottom but i have never seen so much poop come out of a puppy, is this normal? his foster carer said its just where he had his first jab but that was a week ago? I have given him a small amount of dried puppy food and so far so good (nothing come out the other end), he was being fed on bakers which i know isn't great for dogs so i have given him something different plus they sent him home with some chicken and rice for his poorly tummy.

Floralnomad Mon 14-Jan-13 15:44:01

I'd try taking it in the car first . One of my mums dogs was terrifically sick in the car on its way home from Battersea but was always ok in the car after that .

mrsjay Mon 14-Jan-13 15:39:06

put your pup in the crate today and let it settle in it dont leave the pup running around while you were out, the sickness may have just been an excitment stressy thing get the pup used to the car , we let ours sleep in his crate and sometimes he needs a nap in the day but wont so he goes in then, I am wanting to stop crating him he is nearly a year old but dont know if i trust him not to eat the couch

LittleB Mon 14-Jan-13 13:10:22

Can you start getting your puppy used to the crate this afternoon? You could try and make sure your puppy has had lots of playing before you go out so it may sleep and put in its blanket and something to chew. You don't say how long you'll be gone for, presumably not too long for school run. You could also put the radio/tv on too to give it some reassuring noise? I'm no expert thats just a few ideas I remember from getting my puppy used to a crate years ago!

Marne Mon 14-Jan-13 13:04:49

Hi, just got our new lab pup (this morning), as it was very sick in the car i wont be able to take it on the school run (as i planned) so will have to leave it at home with my other dog, i dont want to leave them together, is it ok to crate the puppy whilst i'm out? I dont want it to freak out at the crate as he is not used to it and i want the crate to be a positive thing. What should i do? i cant crate my other dog as she bites the bars and hurts her mouth, i might be able to put my other dog in another room but she's likely to get stressed. She likes the puppy but is still a bit wary when it tries to play with her.

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