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So, getting a puppy, the update - We found our forever resue dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks mumsnet [grin]

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dandycandyjellybean Fri 11-Jan-13 19:15:15

Went to see Kenny, a small staffie, 2yrs old been in foster care with a family with 2 children 2yrs girl, 3yrs boy. No barking on greeting, a bit of straining at his collar, but no real jumping up. As soon as I sat down he plonked his bum on my foot, his head in my lap and gave me a big 'love me then' gaze.

The fosterer said it's going to break her heart for him to go; he is so special. She has no concerns about her children being in another room with him, all he wants from anyone is cuddles. He doesn't bother with their toys, will happily share his bed with them, they can lie on him whilst watching tv (the littlies obviously!). Is obviously not at all territorial.

He doesn't mind being left but can't cope with being contained, the very first time she left him, in a crate, he broke out and cut his nose all up. But if you leave him with the run of the house he doesn't do any damage or chew, he has never had a toilet accident. He sleeps in his bed in their bedroom and then has the big dog cushion out of his bed as his downstairs bed during the day. Will sit, bed, paw on command. Doesn't pull on the lead, just wants to be by your side and soak up the love. Once you stop fussing him he just goes and lies down. The first visit to the vet to be chipped and castrated they put him in a small kennel and he became so distressed that within half an hour he had chewed the fur off the tip of his tail sad. She collected him and let him calm down and a few days later she didn't drop him off til they were ready for him and he was fine. Wouldn't tolerate the non-lick shade, lasted about 3 seconds, but wore a pair of her sons pants quite happily for a day or so!

She said if you can cope with the snoring and the farting he's a perfect pet! (Let's just say he will fit in well in our house!!!) My son and dh need to meet him now but I am 100% confident that they will love him too, he is so exactly what we wanted and needed in a dog. Will keep you posted, will hopefully pick him up on Tuesday once he's had his stitches out. grin

dandycandyjellybean Fri 25-Jan-13 08:41:37

Tantrums...yes taking me a while to get used to the 'like to be less than an inch away' thing, keep stepping back and treading on the poor love!!!! It's lovely to keep finding a head in your lap the second you sit down though.

Wereonourway, yes when in the mood he thunders everywhere, he's like a runaway train. Don't have to put up with the snoring dh has him in his room at night coz he says the snoring and farting reminds him of me grin but the periodic pig snorting is the most adorable thing EVER. It still makes me laugh every time he does it, and he does it a lot!

But the total best bit is how much he adores ds, and ds him. It is giving him so much confidence and it's really beautiful to see.

yay staffies, up with staffies!!!

ShruggedAndSaid Tue 29-Jan-13 23:45:32

Kenny sounds lovely. Great thread. This... "Well, he is the most adorable, gorgeous stinky arsed dog in the world!!! He is no oil painting, farts like a trouper and periodically snorts like a pig, but we couldn't be happier!!!!"... made me laugh. grin

SpicyPear Wed 30-Jan-13 00:14:47

Oh my goodness, just seen this update. Congrats! What a lovely looking boy.

His furniture things sounds just like my girl. The big pleading eyes! She's really good 99% of the time but just occasionally, a year on, still hops onto the sofa to try her luck!

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