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How to create harmony...

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BluddyNora Fri 11-Jan-13 10:23:20

I have two dogs, both rescues that we've had for years- male GSD aged 7 and female Rottweiler aged 5. Rottweiler has ongoing ear issues that are likely to never be completely resolved but otherwise both in good health.

I also have a now moving DS aged 1 and am 35 wks pg...

The GSD is happy to be stroked, we encourage the baby to be gentle and we won't let him grab or poke etc.
the Rottweiler is very jumpy around the baby, won't be touched but equally she doesn't leave the if she's had enough, she'll move but as the baby's crawling now, he just follows her so she jumps and moves, he follows, she jumps and moves etc until I ask her to leave the room. She might not be able to hear him approaching? Though she doesn't react that way if its me or DP.
Gsd will not be in the same room as the baby if he's playing on the floor.

Rottweiler can be food aggressive (growling & snarling, never bitten) but we never leave food lying around- they're fed twice daily and don't graze.
GSD can be dog aggressive with strange (and often medium sized, yellow dogs!?)

A lot of this info is pointless but I just wanted to cover all bases.

How can I create more harmony between them?


Floralnomad Fri 11-Jan-13 12:39:56

Surely the only safe option for you is no dogs in the same room as the child when he is playing / crawling / doing anything other than sitting next to you on a setee. Stair gates on every door would be a start , if you don't already have them ,at least that way the child can be safely confined to one area.

cathpip Fri 11-Jan-13 12:51:32

You may never be able to get harmony, do you know the background of the rottweiler?. When i went back to work with my ds (im a nanny) one of their dogs did not like my ds when he got to crawling stage and till he got to about 3, this dog was very child friendly but just did not do crawling babies and toddlers, this dog now adores my son. You could find that your dog is the same, seperation etc is the best way forward and don't try and push your dog into something it really is unhappy about.

BluddyNora Fri 11-Jan-13 15:11:05

Yes we have stair gates everywhere and would never leave them alone.

The GSD was a stray an the Rottweiler abandoned so no history of either of them. They've lived with us for about 3/4 years though. If we're in the lounge together then the gate is always open for them to leave, I don't want any of them forced into a situation.

I'll carry on as I am then. I'd hoped that they'd be the best of friends but I cant rush or push it.

Thanks for your help smile

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