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Constant whining....why ?

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MrsTucky Fri 11-Jan-13 02:20:31

Hoping someone can help with this. I'll give a little background.

My Basset Henry, who is almost 10, stole and ate 3 Terry's Chocolate Oranges in December shock. (Its the first time he's ever stole anything..normally such a well trained boy, but somehow he got into my bedroom when I was out and couldn't help himself). Anyway, he got emergency vet treatment that night, and was discharged the next morning as being fine. Also he's been on steroids for about 2 years now, for bad skin condition sad.

The problem is ever since then he whines a lot, and I mean a lot. Previously if he wanted to go out to do his business, he'd go to the door and give a little bark. If he was reminding me it was lunch or dinner time, he'd give a little bark and get all excited. Time for his dental cleaner before bed? He'd sit at my feet and give a little happy bark. But it's like he's changed personality since that night at the vets. He was almost human before how he could portray what it was he wanted.

But now he sits around looking quite glum and whines a really high pitched whine confused. He enjoys his walks still, and enjoys his meals, but doesn't really have his 'mad half hour' any more, nor does he play with his brother, (well hardly). He's just like a different dog now sad.

Overnight at the emergency vets, they had to sedate him as he got in such a state and was increasing his heart rate dangerously high again (she said he had separation anxiety. Guess its cos I'm never ever away from him for very long).

So, I'm wondering, could he possibly have developed a choccy addiction since that happened. Has the trauma of it all deeply affected him somehow? Or is he turning into a grumpy old man, and its just coincidence that its happened since then. I just dont know confused, but I would really appreciate any input on this.

I intend to get him checked out, but he haaaaates the vets with a passion, and gets so traumatised. (he's had a few bad things happen to him at the vets in the last coupla years), so I'd really appreciate any views first please.

Thanks very much for reading

RedwingWinter Fri 11-Jan-13 03:44:38

I think you should take him to the vet, even though he hates it. It sounds like something is not right with him, and it's better to check. I have heard that it can take a while to get over eating too much chocolate (but am not a vet). I don't think it sounds like psychological trauma as it is still affecting him now, and during everyday things. If you're really not sure, you can always ring the vet and ask their advice first.

Incidentally, if your vet is anything like mine, they won't mind you taking the dog in from time to time, just to get weighed, sit in the waiting room, get given a treat by the receptionist and go home again. It can help to get rid of some of the phobia of going there.

Best of luck and I hope Henry is back to normal soon.

EggyChick Fri 11-Jan-13 04:41:34

I agree he does sound like he's suffering and should see the vet - call out if too traumatic to attend in person?

I have a Basset and a while back he whined for a few weeks, never got to the bottom of it but I guess he had a stomach bug, or perhaps something in his ear? He used to lay on the floor and just quietly whine away; we were on the brink of taking him to the vets when it stopped. He is back to normal now.

Can I ask you about Henry's skin condition? Does it cause him to smell? Our Basset is a whiffy thing and is on medication to try and reduce the symptons, obsessive scratching being one of them. The vet does not want to put him on steroids (he's still quite young at 6) long-term because of potential side effects, but for me his quality of life is so much better when he is on steroids.

Can you tell me what effect the steroids have been having on Henry - has the whiff (if he had one) and scratching reduced?

MrsTucky Fri 11-Jan-13 19:57:30

thanks for the replies, Redwing and Eggychick. I'll phone the vets on Monday.

About the steroids Eggychick, they have helped him immensely.
He does have that 'Basset whiff' but its no better or worse for the steroids.

When he first started on them, his skin problems totally cleared up. But after a while they came back again, just not as severe as originally. He's on 2 tablets every other day now, and has Malaseb and Hibiscrub for the bath, which he gets once a week.

Did you know there's an anti-allergy type tablet they can have, instead of the steroids. Down side is they're abt £7 per tablet and need to be taken daily. Henry's not insured (I cancelled it when he was 6 as hadn't needed it..typical eh?) so I can't afford it, or the allergy test which costs about £500.

If your Basset is distressed with the itching I'd give the steroids serious consideration. Henry thinks they're worth as our vet says, if they're given every other day, its not as severe as getting daily.

Good luck

EggyChick Mon 14-Jan-13 08:13:12

Thank you so much for the advice. The 'Basset whiff' is something you get used to but the nose-wrinkling bad skin smell is pretty off putting, right? Plus we are in a tropical climate so the poor soul does suffer (hasten to add, we didn't bring him here but rescured him). He is on anti-allergy tablets at the moment and they are very expensive. I hope Henry is feeling better.

OwlLady Mon 14-Jan-13 09:29:13

has he gone deaf?

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