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pimmsdog's body language is broken

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pimmsgalore Thu 10-Jan-13 14:37:11

Thanks doin I am keeping that link to show the kids, they keep informing me that pimmsdog doesn't like that mummy (although secretly I think they just want him to sit and squash them) grin

He licks his lips constantly but then there is lab in him so maybe he is just permanently hungry

chickens yes pimmsdog does that too.

Right I will carry on being his personal cushion and stroking him whilst he watches the world go by, obviously he has been taking lessons from the kids and now knows to NEVER let mummy see you like cuddles, it is a sign of weakness grin

Pimms, Jas will also put his head on my shoulder, sigh contentedly and 'smile' while doing half moon eyes. It is hilarious, but does look a bit like he wants to bite your face off. However, instead of face munching, he then generally rolls over and demands tummy rubs while letting his tongue loll and grumbling chattily. Bonkers.

D0oinMeCleanin Thu 10-Jan-13 14:23:28

You have to look at the whole body in context. One or two yawns just mean the dog is tired. Lip licks, might just be that he is hungry, just been fed, feels like licking his lips.

Stress signals are given rapidly and in conjunction with each other, not one or two at a time and the whole body language will change.

If he nuzzling at you for more, he obviously likes what is happening. If you are still unsure you can always condition him to like petting by feeding him tasty tit bits while you are stroking him.

My whippy does odd, half moon-type eyes when she is being petted, she yawns a lot too. She's just tired and content. Her half moon eyes are very similar to stress signal half moon eyes but not quite the same, because her facial expression as a whole is soft and relaxed as opposed to tense and her eyes still look soft, iyswim? I think they're just her happy, sleepy eyes.

Half moon eyes as a stress signal would usually occur along with the ears being slightly back and the mouth closed and slightly tight like this

It's great that you are teaching your kids this, I wish more owners would do the same.

pimmsgalore Thu 10-Jan-13 14:13:58

chickens I wish I lived by you our dogs are kindred spirits I think grin

Heh. My dog also does the 'stroke meeeeee' pawing and then turns away/yawns. I have come to the conclusion that he is watching tv and tired grin

pimmsgalore Thu 10-Jan-13 14:08:44

Pimmsdog is giving off some very mixed signals.

He thinks he is a 32kg lap dog and will come and sit down on my lap whenever I sit down. He looks relaxed and comfortable and inevitably I will start to stroke him (automatic response to someone sitting on my lap, I always rub the DCs backs when they sit on my lap). This is when he sends off some very mixed messages.

I stroke him, he turns his head away from me and gives me the half moon I don't want to look at you look.

I stop stroking him, he turns back around, nuzzles me with his nose, paws at me to carry on stroking him.

I start stroking him again and he looks away, licks lips constantly and gives me the leave me alone I'm not happy eyes. I stop stroking him, he paws at me until I start again.

This is repeated over and over.

So does he like it or not, all his body language says stop but he keeps pestering for more.

Is pimmsdog really broken? does he liked to be stressed? or am I totally missing some body language that says I like this ?

I am trying to teach the DC when to leave him alone by telling them about doggy body language but he is making it hard for me

He is making me totally confused

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