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Running with 1 year old dog - too young?

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MrsMonkey Wed 09-Jan-13 12:57:37

I'd like to start running with my lab cross - and also do some agility with her if she gets into it. She is a year old this month, medium size (smaller than a typical lab). She has some spaniel in her too, but given that labs are prone to hip problems would I be better to leave it until she is 18 months before I start running with her? She has loads of energy but is a lazy bones around the house. Outside on off-lead walks she loves to run.

My aim would be to run with her off lead. There is a big disused air field near us that we do a lot of walks, so it is about a mile round on a tarmac path on a grass field. I imagine that at first I'd be a bit (ahem) slow, as while I do a lot of walking I havent run for about a year (since we got mop dog in fact!). So its not like I'd be sprinting around or anything.

What do you think - start slowly or err on the side of caution and wait. If there were any hip problems when would they start to show themselves?

alp Wed 09-Jan-13 13:55:17

Not an expert but I run and have since our springer was about 6 months. I tend to run off road with her as it is easier for us both - no lead pulling and she can stop of for a sniff and then catch me up (or I can wait for her and catch my breath!)

I started at 20mins or so. TBH if she is not chasing me then she is chasing after a ball so I don't see much difference!

yesbutnobut Wed 09-Jan-13 18:35:01

I'm not an expert either but I believe the first year is the crucial period in which you need to restrict exercise - since the dog is still developing. So if you were careful in the first few months then you should have an almost mature well developed dog who would be up for the type of running you describe (others may beg to differ here). Also important is heredity - with labradors you can find out the hip score of the parents which should be as low as possible. Last thing you want is a dog in pain/the expense of vet care for a dog with hip dysplasia. But from what you say it sounds as if you're not suggesting anything too strenuous.

saintmerryweather Wed 09-Jan-13 19:52:36

If i wasnt sure about my dog i would build it up slowly and probably start in a couple of months or so - you could start agility now but i guess it depends how far you want to run. just dont expect your dog to do miles and miles straight away!

MrsMonkey Thu 10-Jan-13 09:39:19

Thanks guys - no more excuses for me to not be running then I guess! :-) Rest assured she won't be doing miles and miles with me!

Will have a go and take it slowly and see how we get on. She'll probably think I've gone totally mad!

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