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getting really stressed at pup's constant counter surfing and eating everything in sight

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mistlethrush Wed 09-Jan-13 15:19:09

Our recently rescuedlurcher thought counter (and kitchen table) surfing was fine when she arrived - and getting on top of the kitchen table is just an easy hop... but she has learned quite quickly that its not acceptable and that she doesn't get anything from the table when we're eating.

GobblersSparklyExplodingKnob Wed 09-Jan-13 15:05:14

I have a whippet that can get on the counters with ease let alone surf them grin

Agree the only way is to make it non rewarding, if we are not in the kitchen then there is never anything within his reach, we did have to teach a strong leave it also as he used to just hop up there while we were preparing food. He never even looks now as it has become a pointless behaviour.

If you wish to teach leave it I find the method where you put something tasty on the floor in reach, tell them to leave it and then constantly rain treats from you hand while they do. Gradually increase the gaps between the treats and when the dog glances at the tip bit on the floor, again tell then to 'leave it' and imediately reward from your hand. This teaches, don't bother, I have something much better and more rewarding for you and should get a good response. For me 'leave it' is something that should always be rewarded with something good as it is very against the dogs natural behaviour.

If I tell mine to leave anything in the house he will drop it and run to the fridge grin

Cuebill Wed 09-Jan-13 14:56:22

Counter surfing is self rewarding. What could be better than counter surfing and finding something yummy to it.

The dogs learn quickly that it is worthwhile doing.

The only affective way to stop it is to make sure the dogs never get anything rewarding. So always keep counters clear of food or items they like.

It will take time but they will realise that there is no reward to climbing up.

You can teach leave it, but you have to be in the room all the time so usually the dog waits until you leaves the room.

You can put objects that make a noise and scare the hell out of the dogs, this will either not work as the dog is bomb proof or terrify the dog which means that you can not make loud noises in the room without the dog going ballistic - so really is not an effective training method and usually makes more behavioural problems.

WTFwasthat often a sympton of a dog with a sensitive tummy is the need to eat anything and everything. Can you go back to the vet it may be that your dog is b deficient. Probably due to his tummy issues he is not digesting all his food and is genuinely hungry. If you are out walking the leave it command will work as long as you reward with his correct food. If it is a major issue you could muzzle him when out and about

needastrongone Wed 09-Jan-13 12:10:51

Our friends have a Vizsla who counter surfed like crazy. She doesn't any more but I think it was a constant and consistent, 'ah, no' etc until she got it, which was months.

Or kikopup has a video about not jumping, clicking when feet on floor, could you adapt?

Not much help as our spaniel is small and doesn't (yet!!) jump up other than at people.

Labradorwhisperer Wed 09-Jan-13 09:54:53

I use "Leave it" with my labs - get a treat in your hand, let the dog smell it in your your closed fist, ask him to sit. Kneel down and slowly open your hand telling him to leave it. If he goes for the treat, close your hand and try again. When he leaves it alone, reward him.

It's the nature of the breed to eat everything - including, in the case of my big dog, jellyfish on the beach! "Leave it" can be very good - and may save their lives one day. I also make sure my dogs have a good worming regime. You can get a "spot on" treatment for worms and fleas, but it doesn't cover ticks. That's not such an issue where I live, but it isn't for everyone - talk to your vet.

Counter surfing is a difficult one. I know someone who put a can full of pebbles on the edge of the counter - the intention being that if the dog knocked it off the counter, the noise would be a deterrent! I dare not try it - pup would probably eat the pebbles! So I am just trying to keep the kitchen door closed, or keep him under control, eg practicing sitting/down with rewards when in the kitchen.

Good luck!

littlewhitebag Tue 08-Jan-13 22:41:33

How is his training going? Maybe you could teach the 'leave it' command? This works to a certain extent with my lab.

WTFwasthat Tue 08-Jan-13 22:35:18

5 mo rescue lab x. Fab dog, housetrained quickly, really mellow, not manic but he eats EVERYTHING he can find! Nothing is left where he can reach it (anymore!) but on walks he scavenges old wrappers, crumbs, mud, grass, shitty water from puddles. Indoors he leaps at surfaces, whines at the dining room door, tries to get into bin ( this is now in a cupboard!) i know all of this is par for the course pupwise BUT he has a sensitive tummy and shits in the hall if he eats anything dodgy. He is on special diet and has had steroid jab and antibiotics recently. mostly his poos are liquid until this latest vet visit. i am despairing as it ismaking me so fucking edgy ! am considering basket muzzle for walks but this seems such a shame as he loves carrying sticks, balls etc. what can i do????

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