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Border Collie help!

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Newtothisstuff Tue 08-Jan-13 10:11:54

We've got a 19 month old male border collie, we've had him since he was a tiny puppy. He's always been destructive but he's much better than he was. He's amazing with the kids (6 and 7 months) so can't complain about that.
Our biggest problem ATM is he's started to poo in the hallway every night. Every morning when we get up there's a massive pile of crap on the floor.
He gets fed in the mornings and eats it all so he's not grazing, gets unlimited access to the garden, plenty of walks, plenty of attention, doesn't get separation anxiety and hes not ill so I'm at a complete loss as to why he's doing it.
My 7 month old dd has just started crawling and it's obviously absolutely disgusting he's crapping on the floor
Any ideas on how to stop this ?. I'm at breaking point, the last Month has been hideous

mrsjay Wed 09-Jan-13 12:42:48

Still wouldn't trust him off lead near cars though (cars are his trigger).

my collie is terrible with cars he rears up then lies down as if trying to round them up . I also saw another border collie doing the same a few months ago that collie just lay down and the owner had to wait ,

I really don't think a dog needs to romp off lead if they have a longish lead to explore, we don't all live near rolling fields and woods ,

Newtothisstuff Wed 09-Jan-13 13:28:08

It's other dogs and bikes that get mine.. He just dives for them lol

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Wed 09-Jan-13 13:43:08

mine doesn't mind bikes. Wheelbarrows and Go Karts however have to have their wheels constantly nipped. Luckily we don't see many on the dog walk!

Crackers and Party Poppers are the absolutely best thing in the world (after fireworks) Everyone pulled their Christmas Cracker with my collie this year!
My dog is mad grin

pimmsgalore Wed 09-Jan-13 14:19:08

Newto you have a DS 6 ? Then he can help teach him not to dive at bikes, get your DS to get his bike out in the garden and start with walking you dog past the bike, as soon as he starts to pull then turn and walk away, treat your dog as soon as you can walk past the bike without him pulling towards it. Then build this up to being able to walk past your DS riding his bike in the opposite direction. Be really vocal about rewarding and treating every time your dog looks at you once he has seen the bike coming. Eventually you should be able to deploy the tactic outside in the "real" world. Now if only pimmsdog would get this concept with the lawnmower grin

Fenton Wed 09-Jan-13 14:33:41

OP - I have a border collie - lab cross who was very easily trainable until he hit about 6 months and then just wouldn't recall when there was another dog about and would see/sense a dot of a dog on the landscape and bolt.

However, he will not poo on the lead so had to overcome this for fear of the garden becoming a poo pit.

It did take some hard work and I thought he would never get it - but about 2 weeks ago we turned a corner and he will walk off the lead from home to the beach (1/4 mile away), poo immediately we get on the stones, have a long play/walk on the beach and walk back - all off lead, with other dogs about beautifully behaved.

It is bliss - he's an absolute pleasure to be with.

It can be done.

And finally - do listen to D0Oin - she really knows her stuff, - I am a first time dog owner and reading her advice has been invaluable.

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