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please any advice

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out2lunch Sun 06-Jan-13 22:34:08

my lab has been out for a run around this afternoon and has come home this evening and laid on floor but not moving - he has been stiff once before like this but perhaps not as bad

now he is starting to do a little cry under his breath - i m starting to get worried
he wont go out or move for a treat - unheard of for him

what do you think - has anyone else had this.he is 10 btw

HoneyDragon Sun 06-Jan-13 22:40:12

What do you mean by stiff?

out2lunch Sun 06-Jan-13 22:44:19

once when he ran around a lot last summer he had trouble moving around up that evening and his joints were clicky

he was prescribed anti inflam - glycaosamine for a while and has been fine since
tonight however he isn't moving at all
off and on sleeping in a doorway not in his bed - i told him to get up he tried but couldn't do it

kilmuir Sun 06-Jan-13 22:46:01

Call the vet for advise

out2lunch Sun 06-Jan-13 22:48:49

thank you i think i have to

HoneyDragon Sun 06-Jan-13 22:49:23

Could he have had a stroke? That would explain the willing to get up but being unable to do so.

out2lunch Sun 06-Jan-13 22:51:47

blimey if he did he is in same room and i hadn't noticed

HoneyDragon Sun 06-Jan-13 22:57:56

I'm not trying to scare you, we didn't know that our Lab had had one. We thought she had simply over tired herself.

However you said he has been moving?

out2lunch Sun 06-Jan-13 23:01:04

i'm a bit scared now already
he is going to ooh vets in fifteen mins - will be carried by exh

HoneyDragon Sun 06-Jan-13 23:14:35

Don't be scared, vets will know what to do smile

Reaa Sun 06-Jan-13 23:14:53

Really hope he ok x

Arseface Sun 06-Jan-13 23:16:40

Fingers crossed he's just overdone his run and everything's fine.

out2lunch Mon 07-Jan-13 00:19:33

all ok thanks everyone

no more ball games ever
v v stiff back legs and hips so has to take anti inflams for a while maybe always
was so awful when they were trying to lift him into car - lots of noise
then he just walked in and looked at me as if to say tell them to leave me in peace - after three hours of him stuck on floor i couldn't believe it

big phew here x

HoneyDragon Mon 07-Jan-13 07:35:39

Oh thank goodness.

Poor old boy. Labs just don't know when to quit playing. Little bugger though, deciding to walk after worrying you sick grin

stowsettler Mon 07-Jan-13 11:41:52

Glad he's ok. Must've been terrifying. No ball games is a small price to pay (although I know I'll be gutted when my boy can't play any more).

out2lunch Sun 03-Mar-13 14:49:29

quick update - had another similar episode although not as bad this week.
back to vets and dog has been diagnosed with arthritis -the day before his tenth birthday.on tablets now for life at £40 per month hopefully covered by pet ins.he's not walking far or that great at the moment so looking forward to improvement with the tablets.

thanks for your comments.

Nellymay Sun 03-Mar-13 17:17:30

Hope hes feeling better out2, My 4 year old lab has monthly carthrogen injections for arthritis - ask your vet for it as it might be less intrusive than taking tabs every day

out2lunch Sun 03-Mar-13 21:07:21

will do thanks nelly - the tablet was spat out four times yesterday

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