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Do i re-home my lovely dog?

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Takver Sat 05-Jan-13 12:27:25

I would definitely ask around your village - if I knew a neighbour was in similar circs I'd happily pick up their dog & take for a walk with mine (so long as they got along of course).

Also when I was a teenager without my own dog I used to walk neighbours dogs and thought they were doing ME a favour by letting me borrow them smile

SimplyCupcakes Sat 05-Jan-13 12:21:17

thank you everyone for all your lovely words, i feel so much better, especially as this seems to back the fact that he is not stressed by our absence in any way. Unfortunately my sister lives too far away to pop round or share him, though i may ask around in the village if anyone fancies taking him out every now and then. we are also in rented property with an unsecure garden which means i have to go into the garden with him on a long lead - if he spots the neighbours cat, hes gone!! we are now going to set up a secure fence so at least he can mooch about outside on his own while i am here, and walks will definately be easier/longer once the days are lighter. I have a day off today, it is 12 noon and he hasn't even bothered getting out of his snuggly bed yet!!!! Good idea to get treats though. xxx

Cherrypie32 Sat 05-Jan-13 07:48:52

When my circumstances changed a lovely lady who had to walk for health purposes used to take my dog with her. They both loved it. We met as I advertised in a local shop window. I paid her a small amount (think it was £20 a week). The rest of the day my dog was alone and perfectly happy. Winter is worst def but lighter evenings/mornings will be here before you know it and you will be able to walk/play too. Don't rehome until you have explored all the possibilities.

dibsmum Sat 05-Jan-13 00:37:36

I agree you sound lovely. There are so many unwanted dogs these days. Your dog is happy and loved. Please know that being with you is all he wants and he won't mind waiting all day for you as long as you still love him at the end of the day. You could even think about a passive older rescue dog as company for him? That's what we did and now they're both happy and inseparable. smile

MrsClown1 Fri 04-Jan-13 21:40:38

OP - you sound such a lovely person, I am so sorry you are so upset. I so agree with letbecupcakes. I have a toy poodle who is left alone all day from 7 am to 4 30 pm. I know that sounds awful but he is a happy little dog. We go for a half hour walk in the week after work (which clears my head) around the streets when its dark and an hour at the weekends. I am sure with the amount of love you have for that little dog you will do right by him and he will be a happy little dog living with the person who loves him (YOU) and who he loves. He will get used to the changes after a while. My dog uses a cat flap to get in the garden during the day, is that an option?

Blistory Fri 04-Jan-13 18:07:30

Any chance of taking him to work or sharing him with family ? Could you sister mind him during the day given that she's already got a dog ? Any older, lonely neighbours who would love the company during the day ?

7 hours, 5 days a week is a bit too long IMO but only you know if he's stressed by it.

LetThereBeCupcakes Fri 04-Jan-13 15:30:09

I don't think the amount of time a dog is left alone in the day is the most important aspect of dog ownership, to be honest. Yes, it would be lovely if every dog had a home where he was never left alone, but that's not likely to ever happen.

When we first got our dog we both worked full time. We staggered our hours as best we could, but three days a week he was left 8am-12noon, then 1pm-4pm. He goes to daycare one day a week, obedience classes and training classes. He's a happy dog (and now that I'm home on mat leave he's moping around the house with our other dog looking very tired!). On the other hand, my MIL had a dog. She's retired, so home all day. She never walked him and he spent 22 hours a day shut in the kitchen on his own. On paper, she was an ideal dog owner, but that wasn't the reality. Which do you think was the happier dog? We still have ours - she ended up sending hers to a rescue centre.

Make the most of the time you are at home and I'm sure he will be happy. Play games, train him, anything you like. When you go out, leave him frozen kongs or treat dispensers to keep him busy. I'm sure you will both be fine.

PeachActiviaMinge Fri 04-Jan-13 15:18:54

What about offering a neighbouring teenager £5 to do it? Or a relative? It honestly sounds like it would break both your hearts to give him up you obviously love him to bits and its only temporary. Maybe even putting word about that you're looking for someone to spend an hour with him each day you could perhaps find someone who can't have their own dog but adores them to do that for you.

Right now you're settling into going full time it will take a while for you to adjust and I'd really hate for you to be 3-6 months down the line regretting the choice you made because everything is suddenly a lot easier to cope with smile

SimplyCupcakes Fri 04-Jan-13 15:07:32

He is happy, hes gorgeous! But he does love his long walks. Maybe when the weather is better and the evenings are lighter he will have longer walks and spend more time in the garden. Bless him, he is such a good boy, just want to do the best by him.

PetiteRaleuse Fri 04-Jan-13 14:56:13

It looks like his life with you is happy, and you have looked after him well. I would keep him, as rehoming would be much more traumatic. If being left alone for seven hours doesn't seem to bother him he will be fine (though I might get flamed for saying that). I am sure you love him enough to make up for it with longer walks on your days off, and once you get into a routine you will be able to find time for grooming.

SimplyCupcakes Fri 04-Jan-13 14:52:31

Hi, dont know what to do for the best for my wee man. He is a cross-terrier something, rescued from Spain about 5 years ago. He came back with us when we moved back home about a year and a half ago. When we first got him he had a few 'issues', very nervous with men, men with hats, brooms, loud noises etc etc but all seem to have improved greatly. He also has epilepsy which the centre knew nothing about and was very nervous/aggressive with other dogs which makes me think that maybe the other 5 dogs crammed into the run with him gave him a hard time. Now he has no problems with other dogs he meets out and about unless they are particularly full on and over enthusiastic. He play-fights happily with my sisters dog. I worked from home in Spain so he was with me all the time, now we are back I started working part-time and now have had to go full-time meaning he is alone for up to 7 hours a day. Although he doesn't seem at all worried by this, no messing, no chewing and the same ecstatic welcome as when I've just nipped to put the bins out, it doesn't seem fair that I don't have the time (or energy) to take him on the lovely long walks we used to have, or grooming and cuddle time. Is it kinder to find him a new home where he gets all the attention and walks he deserves, or leave him be as he doesn't seem to fussed?? I honestly can't afford to have some-one come and walk him , they cost more than I earn an hour and we just can't have another out-going.

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