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How long to wait before going to the vet?

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HoneyDragon Thu 03-Jan-13 18:04:09

Oh fantastic smile better than fretting over the weekend though

PartridgeInASpicyPearTree Thu 03-Jan-13 15:29:41

Great news smile

BigGiantCowWithAKnockKnockTail Thu 03-Jan-13 14:52:19

No blockage, just a shot of antibiotics. Phew smile
Thanks again!

HoneyDragon Thu 03-Jan-13 10:14:43

smile better safe than sorry. Labs rejecting food is usually a sign that something's up. Fx crossed its all fine

BigGiantCowWithAKnockKnockTail Thu 03-Jan-13 09:11:55

Bugger. That's what I was afraid of. I'll give them a ring now.
Thank you.

PartridgeInASpicyPearTree Thu 03-Jan-13 09:07:51

Yes vet now as he might have an obstruction. If so, he could deteriorate quite badly over the weekend do get him looked at now.

HoneyDragon Thu 03-Jan-13 08:58:21

Vets ASAP. He could have a blockage.

BigGiantCowWithAKnockKnockTail Thu 03-Jan-13 08:41:15

I have a labrador who, like any other lab, is all about food.
On Tuesday when we were out for a walk he came across a bag of rubbish that someone had thoughtfully thrown out of a car window. By the time I got to him he had already managed to get something involving a bone which he wolfed down. Unsurprisingly he was sick in the night so on Wednesday morning I gave him chicken and rice for breakfast.

Normally when something like this happens he springs back really quickly and is back to eating normally by the end of the day. On this occasion though he's really not himself. He didn't particularly want to go for a walk yesterday and didn't want his tea. I tried him with an apple (absolute favourite) and he wouldn't touch it. He looked like he wanted to but just played with it instead.

When I was clearing up after supper he looked all excited about leftovers (normal) so I tried him with a jacket potato which barely touched the sides. I then gave him some weetabix which he gobbled down.

This morning when I first came downstairs at 6 he didn't even bother getting up which is seriously unusual. I went back up and when I came down an hour later he was slightly more interested, but nothing like the dancing around that I'm normally greeted with. He showed no interest in his normal breakfast so I gave him porridge which he wanted.

He's totally listless and droopy. Do I buy more chicken and keep him going on chicken and rice and just see how he goes or should I make an appointment with the vet? I'm really mindful of the weekend approaching and don't want him to still not be right tomorrow evening and then have to wait until Monday before being able to do anything.


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