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DD doesn't want to be around family dog

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Emmielu Mon 31-Dec-12 10:31:41

My parents had 2 dogs. A bitch and a dog. The bitch (I'll call her daisy) was 3 years old when they brought her. The dog (I'll call him Fred) they had from a pup. At this time dd and I were living with my parents so we had been there through Fred's puppy years. He's now nearly 2. When we got Daisy, she had a few behaviour problems but didn't seem dangerous to start with. Then one night dd went to get a drink and she attacked her leaving dd with a scar on her chest and now scared of dogs including Fred. Deep down she does love Fred. They were the best of friends and as a breed they're naturally good with kids when brought up properly. However she's slowly but surely started backing off from Fred. We have him round our house now we've moved and look after him sometimes. She's ok with him walking to ours and when.he's in the house but she keeps saying I don't want him here. We don't have him a lot. We can go a month without having him here. He's well behaved. Doesn't bother dd if she's laying on the sofa, will often lay next to.her on the floor, does as he's told when dd asks him to (but won't when I tell him the cheeky boy) and he buys her birthday and Xmas presents. She does give him treats but she's not how she used to be with him. What can I do to help?

Rhinestone Mon 31-Dec-12 17:50:12

he buys her birthday and Xmas presents.

Firstly, no he doesn't. So stop being silly and look at the problem like an adult.

If a dog has attacked your DD and left a scar on her chest then it must have been a pretty serious attack and it's no wonder that your DD is now scared of all dogs. I have to ask, why aren't you listening to her and respecting her wishes? That's not the same as fueling her phobia by the way but for the time being I have to wonder why you're not doing more to ensure your DD is happy and feels safe and that means not having Fred round to your house.

You won't help her by forcing her to have contact with something that scares her. How old is she by the way? Then as she gets older you can work on teaching her about dogs, their behaviour etc and maybe getting her to meet some very placid doggies who can help to restore her confidence IF she wants to do that.

Also what breed is Fred and Daisy? And do your parents still have Daisy and what did they do about the fact that she attacked their grand-daughter?

Emmielu Mon 31-Dec-12 19:03:15

They're Newfoundlands. Daisy was sent back to the breeder straight away. Dd is 5.

JumpingJackSprat Mon 31-Dec-12 19:09:27

im not surprised she doesnt want him in the house, shes only small and newfoundlands are huge and can look intimidating. if it was my child i would not have the dog around again until she was comfortable with him being in the house. she has learnt dogs are unpredictable so no wonder she doesnt trust him. and lets face it dogs can be unpredictable. my DSS doesnt like my mums dog who is boisterous, so when DSS visits with us the dog is kept away from him.

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