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Does/has anyone fed their dogs on Eden Holistic Pet Foods?

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mybootsaremuddy Sun 30-Dec-12 20:09:44

Our nanny is looking to change her dogs diet as he has realy dry itchy skin. We sugested a raw diet as that is what we feed ours but it is not practical for her so she is looking for a high quality dry food.

I have been doing some reserch for her and have come across a company called 'Eden Holistic Pet Foods' when looking on ''.
They sound realy good and on a par with Orijen which I know to be a good food as we have used it in the past. Like Orijen they have been give a 5* rating (very few have been given 5*) but what is swinging it for me in their favour at the moment is the fact they are British where as Orijen is from Canada or America? (Our nanny is very pasionate about trying to buying Local/British).

However they are a relitavely new company and I had never heard of them before today so was just wondering if anyone on here had used Eden and what they/their dogs thought of it?

Just in case its helpful - Our nannys dog is a 7yr old medium (i'd estmate 18-20kg) mixed breed who is not particularly active (but has his moments of madness where he runs about like a loon!).

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